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marble surfaces
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Marbles come in a wide variety of areas of our lives. Marble countertops, marble tables and coffee tables are frequent surface uses besides common floor and wall usages such as marble slabs, marble tiles. Marble surface operations are the processing of the surface of the marble with various techniques according to the area you will use or your need. Just as the right process extends the life of your product, it also helps you to use your products with pleasure. If you are wondering how to clean marble surfaces, check out our article titled “Care and Protection Recommendations for Your Marble Products”.

Polishing is carried out to protect them, especially when the marble slab and marble tile sizes are large. When polishing, their durability is increased by surface treatment applied to even the thinnest capillaries. After the polishing process, a slightly slippery brightness occurs on the surface of the marble, which make the stone more eye-catching. This could create a question mark in some of our minds. What if we slipped and fell?
Let us explain to you the procedures made so that you can easily use marbles on all interior and exterior surfaces.

Marble Surface Embroidery


Marble slab, mosaic or tile surfaces have a bright appearance. The natural appearance of the stone is completely medium. It is often used as indoor wall and floor covering, outdoor wall covering. In addition, polished mosaics are used in the interior as the back of the counter in the kitchen and as wall flooring in the bathroom.

marble slab polished

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This matte surface process has the same properties as polished marble surfaces, but unlike the polished surface, the matte surface process attracts light. It can be used easily in all areas of your home.

bathroom tiles

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Leather surface treatment is a method applied to matte surfaced stones. It gives the texture of the stone a more leather-looking feel. As marble usage areas, it can be easily preferred on interior and exterior floors, exterior walls and floors. It becomes the center of attention of your guests by add a different atmosphere to the environments you use.

leather face

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It is the general name of the ancient-looking surface treatment. It is a process applied to ensure that small-size and rough parts of some types of marble get a worn and worn image. According to the place to be applied, marble pieces are cut in square or rectangular shapes of different thicknesses and different sizes. Sharp corners on the edges and corners of old stones maintain the integrity of the stone. It is a surface process suitable for ground use in indoors and outdoors. You can choose this polish method if you are afraid that the surface you will use may be contaminated and stained.

tumbled marble tile

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This surface process performs the same operations as esesting, but attracts its attention with its broken edges than sharp edges. It is generally used as inner and outer wall covering. In the environment in which it is used, it has a reminder of people’s past history.

cracked marble

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Applies to make marble slab surfaces look matte and glossy and create different patterns. With the impact of sanding tips on the marble surface, very small indentations and bumps are formed in small spots. Thus, marble surfaces gain a rough and ancient image. Marble surfaces shaped by blasting are used outdoors, pool edges, walkways and sidewalks due to their anti-slip properties. If you are afraid that the surface you will use may become dirty and there may be stains, you can choose this polish method.


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It is made for rough marble surfaces to take an ancient image. Marbles with calcium carbonate composition are very sensitive to protection polish. By taking advantage of this feature, the polish applied to marble surfaces destroys some of the roughness on the surface and reveals a smooth and shiny but wavy surface. This is suitable for inner and outer floor covering, as it creates a structure that prevents marbles from sliding during walking.

Marble slabs, which by nature have pores in their structure, can absorb liquids left on the surface for a long time and create stains. Another important feature of the protection polish is that it is preferred because it prevents liquids such as wine, which is poured on the surface and difficult to come out on marble surfaces, from processing into the essence of the stone. Due to this feature, it is often used in kitchen counters, kitchen islands and marble coffee tables.

poolside tiles

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We mentioned the sandblasted above, but we can hear what you call a brush. The upper part of the indented protruding peaks formed in the sandblasted becomes bright again with the help of a brush. This ensures a different image when looking directly at the surface.

how to remove red wine stain , marble stain

This information will allow you to look at the marble surfaces you encounter in a different way. Thanks to the marble slab surface treatments, marble surfaces are easier to clean and the areas you walk in become safer. Once you have determined your need and usage area, you can get support by reaching out to us. We are very honored to present the surface operations you wish to our users. You can visit our showroom for more products and transactions.



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