Classic Lovers in Decoration: Black, White, Gray Marble Varieties and Uses

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If you are looking for marble decoration ideas, you can use your preference in favor of classic colors. While fashion trends vary, neutral colors and classic patterns never lose popularity regardless of fashion. The marble varieties you choose to capture a classic and stylish style in your spaces can be black marble, white marble and gray marble.

Let’s examine the benefits of the use of neutral color marble in decoration:

    1. A space that you create with your neutral color and classic pattern preferences will always look up-to-date and modern while catching a stylish and elegant line. White, gray and black marble varieties can be used with any decoration style. When the same colors meet different patterns, they create separate styles.


Avenza Dark, Dolomite Multi Finish Rumi Marble Waterjet Decos
Avenza Dark, Dolomite Multi Finish Rumi Marble Waterjet Decors

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    1. Neutral colors are quite easy to use with other colors. They create an ideal backdrop or background for colors to show themselves. For example, a yellow seat in the hall that you will position on the black-and-white floor will show itself more.


classsic marble
Chester ekose marble

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    1. When you prefer white, gray, black marble varieties on the floor or wall of your house, you can be sure to use it for years. We said neutral colors can be used in different styles. When you get tired of your decorating style, when you want to renovate your salon, kitchen, bathroom, you can easily capture different styles by using new furniture without breaking the floor/wall in your bathroom, which you prefer from neutral colors in the classic model.

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    1. The use of neutral color decorative mosaic combined with simple patterns has a very relaxing effect. The crowd creates a calm environment away from eye-tying details.


use of decorative mosaic
Glacier Honed Basket Weave Marble Mosaic

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Honed Marble Waterjet Decors
Avenza, Snow White Honed Constantine Waterjet Decors


  1. You can adjust the decoration image you want to create with the dose of colors. The more contrast between your colors, the more intense and formal the environment looks. If you compare the black-and-white marble tile with the white-gray marble tile, you can see that the effect they have is different. Black-and-white use has a more serious and effective effect, while white-gray appears calmer and more moderate. Below you can see the difference by examining the white-gray mosaic samples with waterjet black-and-white mosaic.



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Let’s examine the singuthing uses of black, white and gray marbles:

Black Marble

Black Marble has a dramatic effect, especially when used with white.It creates a sophisticated and elegant air in the area where it is used.You can choose Black Marble, Iris Black Marble or Haisa Black Marble in various areas such as lounge, bathroom, kitchen, garden.

Black marble for kitchen
Iris Black Cottage Marble Tiles

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White Marble

White Marble makes a naive, moderate and simple effect. Its singular use is relaxing. You can capture the ambient ambience you want with the colors you will use next to it. For example, using it with black in the hall creates a stylish and formal environment. Using it with warm shades such as yellow, orange, pink provides a cheerful, fun atmosphere, while its use with blue, green creates a calm, moderate, docile environment. Also using light colors make the room look spacious. For example, if you have a small living room, you can use white marble products. If you prefer White Marble, you can use Afyon White (Afyon White Marble), Snow White Marble, Glacier Marble, Fantasy White Marble, Aspen White Marble, Avalon Marble, Bianco Dolomiti Marble and Iceberg marble varieties.

White Marble
Snow White Polished Marble

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Bathroom Marble
Glacier Marble – Bathroom Desing

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Gray Marble

Gray Marble is ideal for capturing a simple and minimal air. Gray, which is a very neutral color, adapts with any color. The color you will use next to it shows itself. You can use it with accessories such as chrome, iron, copper to add elegance. You can get an elegant look by preferring gray Allure (Afyon Gray Marble), Avenza Marble, Mink Marble or Skyline Marble in places such as lounge, bathroom, kitchen.

Gray marble bathroom
Allure Light Gray Marble

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In this article, we focused on the use of neutral colors and classic patterns in decoration.We examined the tricks of creating different styles in different places using black, white, gray marbles.We found that marble varieties can be used in the form of both solid color plate and waterjet patterned tile.In our article, we tried to share our various tiles, but here you can review our other tiles that we cannot share from the links below.You can contact us for more detailed information and visit our showrooms.

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