Care and Protection Recommendations for Your Marble Products

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It can be used as a marble slab or tile on the floor, wall, kitchen, bathroom or furniture surface. It beautifuls the environment with its stylish and aesthetic appearance. Each part of the unique marble is nature’s gift to us. Caring when using marble with a history of millions of years will extend the life of the product and help it to show itself in all its glory.

How to Clean Marble?

  1. Marble is a natural stone with natural pores in its nature. Take care not to leave water or liquid on the surface for a long time. With its porous structure, it can absorb liquids and confine them to it.
  2. Gently, clean and dry with a deserable and soft cloth. It should be cleaned as soon as dirt and stains form on the surface. Otherwise, it may be permanent.
  3. Do not prefer hard materials when cleaning. It may have interaction with acidic fluids and substances. Avoid direct contact.
  4. Arabic soap can be used. You can also surface clean the cloth by dripping a few drops of ammonia-free dishwashing detergent. After cleaning, always rinse the surface with a clean and desery cloth.
  5. You can polish your marble with chamois cloths.
  6. Pointed, sharp objects can scratch marble. Gluing felt under such items will protect your marble.
  7. Take care to use coasters and trivet to prevent abrasions and stains when using marble on the kitchen counter or furniture surface.
  8. With carbonate, you can mix the water until it has the consistency of a dense paste and bring a paste to the center. Wrap the area with cling film by rubbing the paste abundantly on the stained part of the marble, and after 24 hours you can help it get your marble back to its former state by re-deleting it with a cloth.


how to care for marble countertops
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In order to use your marble products with pleasure, we recommend that you take care of its cleanliness and care. When buying a new product, choosing the one suitable for you from marble surface operations will also provide ease of use. If you say what marble surface operations are, you can get detailed information about the subject in our article titled “Do You Know the Surface of Your Marble?”


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