Nature’s Gift to Us Colorful Marbles

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Marbles are formed in nature by the crystallization of rocks with temperature and pressure over millions of years. While common marble colors are shades such as white, beige, gray, colored marbles can also be formed in various colors and patterns due to mineral changes in natural stone. Colorful marbles are preferred in architectural projects and decorative works with their rich colors and textures.

Colorful Marble Use

Colored marbles are marbles that can come without slabs, tiles, tiles. Original projects can be created when used on various surfaces such as colorful marble kitchen countertops, floors, wall coverings. Colorful marble patterns, which attract attention by making a difference in the places, are very popular.

Haisa Black Marble

Colorful Marble Varieties

Verde Capri, Skyline, Calacatta Fusion and Haisa Black are our most preferred colored marbles. You can see examples of our colorful marble slab, tile and waterjet models below.

Verde Capri Marble

Which is extracted from the Akören area of Konya, is a durable marble and can be used for flooring and wall flooring as mosaics or small-gauged tiles in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Due to its very hard structure, it is difficult to cut in large sizes. The green color, texture is quite original and different. It add vitality to the area used with its color.

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Verde Capri green marble


Skyline Marble

Which was removed from the Manyas region of Skyline Marble Balikesir, is also known as Palisandra Marble. Although it is predominantly white in color, transitions are seen in light and dark gray, beige, brown tones. These transitions led us to add Skyline Marble to the category of colorful marbles. Unique color transitions are a special part of Skyline Marble. As you can see the examples below, very unique textures can be obtained in Skyline and Waterjet models.

Suitable for use in a wide range of places such as floor, wall, exterior coating, bathroom, countertop surface, carrot edge, Skyline can be processed from the largest plate tile to the smallest parts. It is a highly durable marble.


Skyline Marble

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Haisa Black Marble

Haisa Black Marble, Galaxy marble or Star Galaxy marble, which was extracted from the Yıldızeli region of Sivas, is also known. Its unique texture with black and gray transitions in places make Haisa Black Marble special. Suitable for indoor use. The floor can be preferred as wall covering.

Haisa Black, a durable marble, is also used as a table at dining tables.

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Calacatta Fusion Marble

Calacatta Fusion Marble, which was removed from Altintas region of Kutahya, is white in color but has its own golden transitions in it. With this feature, it is also preferred as decorative. In areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, colorful marbles are suitable for use as floor and wall covering. It is a durable marble.

Calacatta Fusion gold color marble

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How to Clean Colored Marbles?

Using marble products with care will extend the life of the product and help the product maintain all its color and brightness.

  • Marble is a porous natural stone by nature. Take care not to leave water or liquid on the surface for a long time. It can absorb liquids with its porous structure./li>
  • Gently, clean and dry with a deserable and soft cloth. It should be cleaned as soon as dirt and stains form on the surface. Otherwise, it may be permanent.
  • Avoid direct contact with acidic fluids and substances.
  • You can glue felt under sharp objects to protect your marble from scratching.

For more detailed information, please read our article titled “Care and Protection Recommendations for Your Marble Products”.

You can create a unique air in your spaces by preferring our unique colorful marble models created by nature over millions of years. You can reach us for more varieties, visit our showroom and factory.


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