A Unique Elegance: Marble Medallion Application

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If you are looking for decorative natural stones, the marble medallion application may be for you. One of the most preferred natural stone decor applications that fills the space in large areas with its eye-catching effect is the medallion model. Natural stone medallions, also known as decorative ground cores, are generally used both indoors and outdoors. The natural stone medallion is positioned in the center of large areas such as entrance area, front of the door, courtyard, garden, square, to create a remarkable effect.

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Marble medallions, the first examples of which are encountered in ancient architecture, have been used in many civilizations throughout history. Marble medallion decoration, which is also loved and preferred today, is mostly applied to places such as entrance door, entrance, bathroom floor, staircase, hall, corridor, terrace, winter garden, garage. The natural stone medallion is also positioned in larger buildings such as hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, business center, entrance area, hall, courtyard, garden, terrace, meeting area, staircase area, square.

Natural stone medallion applications that add richness and elegance to the environment it enters can be done both indoors and outdoors, and can be used comfortably for years with the right stone selection and appropriate natural stone polish. Although the application of marble medallions is widely used as flooring, it can also be applied to the wall if desired.

Standard sized products may not fit your space and may not create the effect you want. Specially designed medallions are produced and applied to your place in Tureks. The custom made locket is unique to you. The marble medallion, which is designed and positioned according to your space, creates a complementary effect and reinforces the sense of design.

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One of the advantages of the special marble medallion application designed for you in your special marble projects and natural stone applied projects is that you can choose which marble you want. By combining marbles in colors and patterns suitable for your decoration, we can prepare customized medallions in any size you want.

Generally, the round marble medallion positioned in the center with a pattern turns into a square form on the outer wall. Marble medallions designed in various patterns are produced with water jet. Our clean edged, properly joined, professionally worked medallion product is positioned in the area you want. You can see examples of our natural stone medallion works below.

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Mermer madalyon lobi çalışması

Both machinery and fine handcrafting of marble blocks carefully extracted from Tureks’s own marble quarries such as Diana Royal Marble, Silver Shadow Marble, Avalon Marble, Avenza Marble, Allure Marble and Skyline Marble create an elegant collection.
All kinds of waterjet cut specially designed medallions to be created with natural stone combinations will add a different elegance to the environment.

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You can call us and visit our showrooms to get detailed information from our company, which produces marble medallions specific to your place.

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