Classic Elegance: Diana Royal Marble

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Diana Royal Marble is a beige, veiny natural stone patented by Tureks. The Diana Royal is also known as the best natural stone in the beige color group, where you can see all the features of natural stone in one piece.Diana Royal Turkish Marble is one of the most classic stones in the world.It is removed from the Karamanli area of Burdur. Tureks has the largest Diana Royal mine reserve in Turkey.

Diana royal marble quarry
Diana royal marble quarry

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Diana Royal Mosaic

Diana Royal is available as marble tiles, marble flooring, marble mosaic, pool deck marble and marble flooring. It can be used in all indoor and outdoor areas such as bathroom, lounge, kitchen, living room, garden, poolside, wall to floor.

diana royal bathroom design
Diana Royal for bathroom design – hexagon mosaic


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Diana Royal Tumbled

Diana Royal Polished Tiles Collection, you can create a sense of elegance in your spaces. Diana Royal can be used in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns in the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, garden and can be used on floors, walls or countertops in light brown, beige, cream colors. Majestic, refined and versatile, this collection can adapt to styles from traditional to minimal environments.The choice of light-colored Diana Royal by the pool is a very effective choice in revealing the color, blue and green of the pool.

Diana Royal Tumbled MArble Poolside - Diana royal marble
Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Patterns


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Diana Royal Slab and Waterjet Products

The use of Diana Royal slabs has a simple look. In particular, you can see the original energy it adds to the environment when used in a hall to ensure integrity. This is because it has a different, moving vein structure compared to other beige marbles. It also offers a harmonious use with both other marble colors and metal accessories thanks to its tint.

Diana Royal Marble Use in Living Room - diana royal marble
Diana Royal Marble Use in Living Room


diana royal details
Diana royal with fine details

In addition to classic cuts, you can use our Diana Royal Waterjet models in different patterns in various areas of your home such as lounge, bathroom, kitchen to create a stylish and elegant atmosphere.

diana royal waterjer modelleri
Diana Royal Waterjet Marble Use in Bathroom

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Diana Royal Talya Koleksiyon

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Diana Royal Atelier Koleksiyon

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Diana Royal Bookmatch

Diana Royal is one of the rare beige colors that can be applied to the Bookmatch technique. With character and classic beauty, Diana Royal offers elegant elegance to the space in which it is applied.

diana royal bookmatch
Diana Royal Bookmatch

Diana Royal Projects

diana royal marble projects
suudi arabistan hospital projects

In this article, we examined the Diana Royal Marble and its uses. To summarize, Diana Royal is light colored, beige, cream tones and is a marble that you can enjoy in all areas of your house such as lounge, kitchen, bathroom, living room, garden, poolside. The Diana Royal, which has both a flat and waterjet cut patterned marble shape, adapts to any style and add elegance and elegance to the environment it enters. You can visit the links below to review other models that we cannot fit in our article with plenty of examples, you can contact us to see more products and get information, you can visit our showrooms.

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