Turkish Landscaping Stone

Turkish landscaping stone
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One of the trends in landscape design the past few years has been the desire of homeowners to merge their interior spaces with their exterior environments. A site in the U.S.,TotalLandscapeCare.com said that “People want more hardscaping, kitchens, fire pits, seating areas, covered porches,” he said. “They’re looking to expand their outdoor living, so I think in my opinion that’s where the money is going. People are thinking ‘I want more outdoor living space,’ not ‘I want more flowers and gardens and maintenance.”. This is where our Turkish Landscaping Stone enters the picture.

Turkish Landscaping Stone
Skyline Tumbled Marble

Naturally, the merging of exteriors and interiors provides a great deal of opportunity for stone. That said, let’s consider three essential standards that a natural stone should support in order to be used outside.

1. Resistance to temperature extremes….both while cycling through a freeze/thaw situation and in a prolonged period of heat or cold.

2. Ability to withstand prolonged potential periods of standing water. In other words, have a relatively low water absorption.

3. Have a finish that offers generally non-slip performance.

Skyline Reclaimed Marble

Tureks offers marble, limestone and travertine in a variety of finishes and patterns that are perfect for exterior paving. Thanks for reading.


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