Summer White Stone

Summer white stone
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It’s summer-time and “the livin’ Is easy”, or so the tune goes. In this lightest  and easiest time of the year, the color white plays a role throughout. Tureks, as a Turkish supplier of natural stone, puts forward the idea of Summer White Stone as a design idea for your consideration.

Summer white stone
Iceberg Marble

Seasonally speaking, summer inspires a desire for clean, pure and cool. Perhaps most of all cool……and white stone is very cool both to the touch and visually. We have taken the liberty to present our Iceberg Marble Collection as the perfect solution for a cool, crisp, white stone.

Summer white stone
Iceberg Marble Slab

At the very top of the post, this collection is shown in classic tile format in a modern, slick, kitchen setting. Then we have placed images of the Iceberg Marble Collection in mosaics and as a slab. The mosaics work nicely in bath settings, backsplashes, and elsewhere. The slabs allow you to use this stone as a kitchen countertop, vanity top, and even explore some really neat cut to size ideas.

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