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Marmara marble is one of the most famous marble types in Turkey and all around the world. These natural stones are mined in Marmara Island, which is a district of Balikesir city of Turkey. They are one of the highest quality marble types in the world and meet all the standards in the industry.

We often encounter this marble type in luxurious decorations and venues. Other names of this marble type include Marmara white, striped marble, Marmara Island marble, Turkish bath marble, Marmara panda, and Marmara Zebra.

It includes shades of white, gray, and silver within its structure. One of the most prominent features of this marble type is its stripes. Thanks to their natural texture and amazing look, they have been widely preferred by many nations since ancient times. Although there are different classifications about the types of these marbles, they are generally known as Marmara marbles.

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Importance of Marmara Marble

Marmara Island, located southwest of the Marmara Sea, is the home of the oldest marble quarries in the world. You may already notice the similarity between Marmara and Marble words. Both of these words are used interchangeably in many languages.

Marmara marble is considered to be the highest quality marble type both in Turkey and the rest of the world. These world’s oldest marbles have been preferred by many communities since ancient times. For example, it was used in Masjid-i Aqsa in the Old City region to the east of Jerusalem, in many palaces of the Ottoman Empire, in the cities and palaces of Ephesus and Troy civilizations, and ancient Roman and Byzantine buildings. The list goes on and on.

The most prominent feature of this marble type is it is a rare natural stone that can adapt to the climatic condition of the regions it is used. Today, it still maintains its popularity and is used in many buildings and projects.

Usage Areas of Marmara Marble

Marmara marbles come in different shapes, qualities, and price ranges. Depending on your choice, their usage areas can greatly vary. However, we have provided all the possible usage areas of these natural stones in the following.

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● These marbles can reflect the light very well and thus keeps the environment cool. Therefore, if you need to reflect the light or create a cool space, white marbles can be the ideal choice for you in any area you want.

● Thanks to the semi-transparent surface of these marbles, some portion of the reflected light is kept on the surface. This means that these marbles can make any venue brighter than usual. As a result, they provide a refreshing atmosphere in spaces.

● In general, this marble type is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications.

● Most of the designers and architects prefer these marbles in kitchen countertops, pavements, pedestrian roads, floorings, and gutters.

● They can be also preferred as exterior wall coverings, in parquet and paving stones, stair and step coatings, baseboards, and floor coverings.

● The striped Marmara marbles are generally preferred in luxurious designs and wet areas. All Turkish baths are made of these marble types, and they are widely preferred in bathroom decorations.

● Diagonal products are indispensable for designers and architects as building materials.

Marmara Marble Types

Many names were given to Marmara marble due to its color and pattern varieties. Therefore, we wanted to share some of these popular types with you in this section. Due to its high sulfur content, all these types can be easily preferred in areas that require regular care for hygiene.

Turkish Panda / Zebra Marble Bath

Another important feature of these marbles is they prevent bacterial growth. Moreover, it is one of the rare natural stones that prevent algae formation even after centuries.

Many nations benefited from the following marble types in the construction of clean water storage and public bathrooms. Today, structures that are older than 2000 years old are still functioning.
Here are some of the popular marble types that you may want to know:

● Marmara White
● Marmara Panda
● Marmara Stripe
● Marmara Silver
● Marmara Gray
● Marmara Ecuador
● Marmara Cloud

Although their components are the same, these classifications are made according to the look of these marbles.

Characteristics of Marmara Marble

Here are some well-known characteristics of Marmara marble. You can enjoy all the following benefits no matter which marble type you are going to prefer in your decoration or project.

● As we mentioned before, these marbles are rich in sulfur minerals. As a result, they can keep any area by preventing bacterial growth. Due to this feature, all Turkish baths are made of this marble.

● They are highly durable, and it is quite difficult to break them. With the right finishing techniques, you can enjoy your marbles for a lifetime and prevent all unwanted accidents such as leakage and cracks.

● It can help you to keep the venues warm during cold seasons and cool during hot seasons. They offer natural thermal insulation in any area they are preferred.

● Just like all marbles, it is quite easy to clean and take care of them. All you need to pay attention to is avoid using chemicals.

● They are one of the best building and decoration materials in terms of price and performance comparison. With the right care, even your grandkids can enjoy them.

All these above-mentioned features are quite appealing in terms of decoration. If you have enough budget and you like the look of marbles, we highly recommend taking the advantage of these natural stones as much as you can.

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