Izmir Marble Fair 2024

Marble Fair Izmir 2024
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Since it was held for the first time in 1995, Izmir Marble Fair has been a significant expo where various types of natural stones get displayed each year. This year, Izmir Marble Fair 2024 will be held and many people are excited about this event. If you are wondering where and when the Marble Fair Izmir 2024 will be held, and want to get some info about Izmir Marble Fair 2024 exhibitor list, keep reading to learn more about this International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair.

What is Izmir Marble Fair?

Izmir Marble Fair is one of the significant expos in the world where natural stones are showcased. Held in Turkey, the country with the most marble exports in the world, the type of natural stone that gets a great deal of attention in this fair is marble. This fair was held for the first time in 1995 and it hosted over 1077 exhibitors, 732+ hosted buyers and more than 77395 visitors. With Izmir Marble Fair 2024, the expo will be held for the 29th time this year and numerous types of Turkish marble will be showcased in the fair. Many different Turkish marble exporters such as Tureks will attend the fair.

Where Will Izmir Marble Fair 2024 Be Held?

As it can be inferred from the expo’s name, Izmir Marble Fair is held in Izmir, one of the suitable places in Turkey for natural stone trade. To be more precise, the Marble Fair Izmir 2024 will be held in fuarizmir, a large fair complex which is used for various types of events. The full address of the fair complex is Zafer Mah. 840. Sk. Fuar Alanı No:2 Gaziemir/İzmir.

The Date of Marble Fair Izmir 2024

Aside from the location of the expo, another important detail about Izmir Marble Fair 2024 is when the event will be held. This International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair will open on April 17, 2024. Then the even will continue until April 20, 2024. During this time period, numerous different natural stones will be showcased in the fair, and many important professionals in the natural stones industry are expected to attend the expo.

Various Natural Stones and Technologies Will Be Showcased in the Fair

In the event, natural stones such as onyx, granite, limestone, mosaic, diabase and of course, marble, will be showcased. Moreover, a variety of popular Turkish marbles, which include amazing ones like Afyon marble, Mugla white and Denizli travertine will be displayed in the expo, as well. Aside from these, technologies like drilling machines, wire cutting machines, waste water treatment systems and surface treatment machines will be displayed in the fair, as well. Beyond these, tools like cutting and drilling sets, packagin materials and more will be exhibited in the fair.

Check Out the Marble Izmir App for an Easier Marble Fair Izmir 2024 Experience

For those planning to visit the Izmir Marble Fair 2024, a helpful tool can be the Marble Izmir Mobile App. The app offers Pavillion Search feature, which visitors can use to search and find the stands in the expo. Also, using the Marble Izmir App, expo’s visitors can track where they are located in the fair and get info about products displayed in the event.

Izmir Marble Fair 2024 Exhibitor List

Along with when and where the event will be held, another detail that many want to know about this fair is Izmir Marble Fair 2024 exhibitor list. The fair will host numerous professionals in the natural stones industry. Many of the marble companies in Turkey such as Tureks will make an appearance the expo. However, currently there isn’t a full list of exhibitors who will attend the event. For following potential changes to the list, you can check out the respective page in the fair’s official site.

The Fair Will Be Awaiting Natural Stone Enthusiasts in April 2024

All around the world, marble fairs are held in countries such as the USA, Italy, China, Brazil and Turkey. Izmir Marble Fair is one of the most well-known marble expos in Turkey. Between 17-20 April 2024, the Izmir Marble Fair will be held for the 29th time and host lots of natural stone enthusiasts and experts in the area. The event will be carried out in fuarizmir and various stones from granite to andesite, as well as numerous Turkish marble types like Afyon marble and many different types of technologies such as sizing machines, block cutting machines and more will be showcased in this significant expo.

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