Green Turkish Marble Tile

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Tureks takes great pride in our native natural stone. Perhaps nothing can better illustrate why we feel this way than our interpretation of Green Turkish Marble Tile. Please take a look at the Verde Capri Marble Collection . Let’s unpack a few thoughts  on this color value and how you might use it.


Green is a color that has many connnotations both psychological and spiritual. We have previously opined as follows: “The mood of the color green is the essence of pure balance, with all the accompanying wonders of grace, harmony and ecological purity. Culturally, it is revered as the sacred color of Islam and as a festive happy color in Hinduism”.  In terms of design, green is considered to be a calming color. For example, people waiting to go on television are often kept waiting off-camera in “the green room”.


Now we should consider some practical considerations. The historical usage of marble is something we have covered previously. That said, such  legacy applications as floor coverings, wall coverings, vanity tops, paving elements, sculpted pieces, etc., are all still viable in 2018.

In order for Tureks to continue to be a premium supplier, we make certain that our offerings are as complete as possible and include slabs, tiles, moldings, mosaics, and even patterning (as shown immediately above). In conclusion, our version of Green Turkish Marble Tile is timeless and elegant. Thanks for reading.

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