Textured Full Grain Stone Tiles

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Tureks’ textured full grain stone tiles offer a unique value proposition to our many friends and clients around the world. Why, you may ask? We believe that we are in a special position amongst Turkish producers, and producers worldwide, by bringing this finish to market in both marble and limestone. Let’s discuss for a few moments how a textured finish expands design possibilities.

There are two compelling aspects of a full grain or textured stone finish:

  1. The visual that is presented varies nicely from what an individual is typically expecting to see. We are all somewhat familiar with the appearance that a polished finish will offer. These reflective or mirror-like characteristics are wonderful. We are also quite aware of a honed finish which is, of course, much less reflective and is essentially matte. A full grain or textured finish is a bit more unusual. When viewing it, one might see a burlap or linen look. Perhaps it might also appear to be brushed or abraded. These are visuals.
  2. Now let’s review practicality. If slip/ fall is important to you, then a textured finish is almost certainly the way to go.  This would be especially true in exterior paving scenarios where the material is subject to standing water.

Well,  there you have some conversation points on Textured Full Grain Stone Tiles. Thanks for reading!

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