Textured Natural Stone

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Tureks is proud to feature a series of unique Textured Natural Stone ideas for the consideration of all our clients and friends. The material  we would like to feature today is our Cottage Stone Collection. Let’s chat about that for a minute and how it might work in a contemporary minimalist design plan similar to the room-scene above.

Textured Natural Stone
Cottage Stone Collection

A minimalist approach to design can be rendered or achieved in many ways. Most certainly you will follow quite a few general rules on the way to the result. There are, however, a few ideas we can all, more or less, agree upon. Here are four:

1. Let the natural light into your spaces.

2. Try to work with subtle colors.

3. Natural materials such wood, stone, and iron should stay as they are.

4. Keep a sense of order and organization.

We hope you can see minimalism in the imagery posted, where things are quite light and airy, color ways are subtle, and natural materials are prominent but unadorned.

Now here is a question. Where does Textured Natural Stone fit into all this? Very simply. The perceived ”weakness” of minimalism, if there is one, is a tendency towards being a little bit too “cold” or “sterile”.  A gently textured stone serves to mitigate that cool or aloof persona with a touch of natural warmth. What do you think? Let us know please.

Thanks for reading.

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