Five Tips to Select a Stone Slab

Five Tips to Select a Stone Slab
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We hear a lot of different thoughts on this topic. Most of them are well considered, but not always. So here we are to offer: Five Tips to Select a Stone Slab.

1. Make sure you are working with, and very aware of, all the professionals you will come in contact with. The vendor may not also be the fabricator. Please understand that relationship. Do you have in an interior designer are architect? What do you expect from them? What does your builder or contractor suggest? Please tie these all together in your mind.

Five Tips to Select a Stone Slab
Verde Capri Marble

2. Take your time. You will probably have whatever this slab is used to create for a long time. If there are construction timing issues, then get a head start on making this selection.

3. Make sure you self analyze how this kitchen top, counter top, or other cut-to-size piece will be used. Will it be used on a daily basis and subject to lots of wear and tear? Or will this be an occasionally used item and the visual impact is more important to you. Please tell this to the people you are working with.

Five Tips to Select a Stone Slab
Silver Drop Marble

4. Take yourself to the slab yard and pick exactly what you want. This will prevent most of the potential misunderstandings that can develop about color range, visual movement, veining, and natural stone in general. Most vendors are happy to accommodate this.

5.Please bring samples of materials that have to work with the stone. Paint, wall paper, cabinet faces, etc. This will help you visualize the final project more clearly.

There you have it……Five Tips to Select a Stone Slab. Thanks for reading!

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