Tureks Turkish White Marble

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White marble has a history so long and distinguished that it literally goes back thousands, not hundreds, of years. Our Tureks Turkish White Marble, as exemplified by the Bianco Dolomiti Classic Collection, takes a rightful place at that generational table.

Bianco Dolomiti ClassicWe have have said previously, and it bears repeating: “the design power and overall beauty of white marbles continues unabated across the natural stone industry”. This particular collection embodies all the things needed to be a fashion forward design statement.

However, there is more to the story of Tureks Turkish White Marble than just design friendliness. Take for example the very hard wearing characteristics that a collection like Bianco Dolomite brings to the equation. There would be no point to having a beautiful white marble floor that is showing traffic wear in a very short period of time.

There is another key element to be considered here. That is the availability of trim pieces that contribute to an overall finished look. Take a peek at the elegant base piece pictured above. This is nearly perfect example of a trim piece that complements the floor in a very symmetrical manner.

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