A marble pavers is an elegant choice and adds significant value to homes and commercial buildings. Many designs and finishes are available, options are infinitely unique.

Durable: Marble Pavers is one of the sturdy stones among all the natural stones. Part of what makes marble so appealing is the huge range of colors and variations of this beautiful natural stone.

Landscape Stone

There are many fine uses of Turkish natural stone but an under appreciated one is as landscape stone. In particular, what can make a piece of natural stone acceptable as a landscape stone. Let’s chat about that for a moment, by highlighting three particulars.In general, a natural stone that is going to be used in a landscape setting must be able to tolerate freeze-thaw cycles and extreme temperature fluctuations overall. The potential for the constant presence of water must also be tolerable. Lastly, the material must have a finish  that is relatively non-slip.We offer our landscape material in three types: marble, limestone and travertine. Take a peek please.

Paver Marble

Paver Marble, the desired stone of outdoor spaces... You will be amazed by the incredible style of gray tones in the opaque collection series. You can catch the retro reflection of the classic marble with this stone… Now is the time to create non-slippery floors. With the desired dimensions, special cuts and 12 different color options, it will refresh you and your spaces thanks to its breathing structure, adapted to any place you want including pool edges and patio floors. It is possible to feel the unique historical air of marble with this model.You will enjoy the fun with your friends by the pool. Thanks to the paver marble, even your friends who miss beer can stop slipping.

Textura Paver Marble

Textura paver surface treatment is a method applied to matte surfaced stones. It gives the texture of the stone a more leather-looking feel. As marble usage areas, it can be easily preferred on interior and exterior floors, exterior walls and floors.