Eye Catching Elegance in Kitchen Floors

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No doubt, we spend most of our time in the kitchen at home. From the floor and cabinet details to the curtains and countertops, we can sometimes realize the exact kitchen we dream of. Trend lines, models and styles in the kitchen are changing as time and era change. The differences in the countertops can be combined with cabinets and become an eye-catching elegance in our kitchens.


1- So, how well do we manage to choose the kitchen floor?

When choosing a collection, we should opt for models that will make our life easier by paying attention to color shades, structure, shapes and natural motifs. If we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we may not like it when something is constantly spilling and scattering while working there. Everyone knows that while cooking in the kitchen, the counter and floor can always get dirty; so instead of choosing hard-to-use materials, we should choose models that are handy and always easy to clean.


2- What are our kitchen floor alternatives?

If we suggest you some kitchen floor alternatives from the rich menu of Tureks Marble, you can create wonders on your floors with our product range that meets every need. To suggest a few options: Black Haise Marble may be ideal for you. This model, which will create wonders on your kitchen floor with its bright appearance, is an easy-to-use marble in the kitchen with the harmony of black and gray tones and its veined structure beyond its beauty and elegance. As another option, we can consider the Seashell Antiqued Limestone collection in the light color segment in the opaque marble series… For chefs who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the use of this stone will create convenience in the work area.  The rise of black in modern kitchens with Black Haise Marble on the one hand and the natural pigments of light color with Seashell Antiqued Limestone on the other. In addition to these options, there are hundreds more products.


3-What kind of kitchen do we dream of?

Regardless of the models in our mind, we absolutely realize our own styles while designing our home. While doing this, we look at thousands of models around us and believe that our rituals will change at every moment, and try to choose products that are suitable for the fashion of the day or that are beyond time; however, the product we choose should in any way, shape or form respond to our needs and  imagination. Therefore, we must always be inspired by our own ideas in decoration and realize the architectural decoration in our dream from kitchen floor to cabinets. 

Now is the time of innovations in your kitchen… a marble counter compatible with the floor, even a marble floor… Well, are you in favor of models that make your kitchen look more spacious? Or are you interested in practical floors that meet your needs? You can be inspired by the unique series of Tureks Marble. A rich marble, tile, and mosaic series that meets your every need with its distinctive creative colors, intimate tones and natural harmonious style… In addition to the models that make your kitchens look spacious, the series that know no boundaries in purity and simplicity, the best-sellers of 2020 and the models that are in high demand from past to present are waiting for you at our website and in our showrooms…

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