Traditional and Innovative Marble Designs

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Europe, which contains a very intense combination of taste scale with the combination of various cultures, ethnic origins and climates for centuries, breaks the borders with the innovative ideas it offers in stone design.

European design, which blends traditional structure and modernism beautifully, stands out as the place where old and new notions meet. In this design model, in which modern trends are included in interior designs, together with structures that preserve centuries-old beauty, strong traditional lines and innovative tunes are presented together. Our Iceberg Marble product, which reflects the post-modernist beauty in our collection, presents a part of its soul with its face floating in the ocean, breaking away from the glaciers. This piece, which preserves its natural glow for a long time, has a versatile beauty.

According to Valentina Bertazzoni, an avant-garde fashion company in European design, European homeowners seem to be bold in the use of bright colors. The use of bright colors in the spaces individualizes the location. Verdi Capri Marble, one of our modern kitchen collections, strongly offers romance with its simple and classic elegance. Inspirational Italian green reflects the peace of nature in individuals psychologically.

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