European Kitchen Trends 2019

European Kitchen Trends 2019
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This is a fine time in the 2018 calendar for us to discuss the future. In this case, let’s chat about European Kitchen Trends 2019 and how a stone producer, such as Tureks, adjusts.

An international trend spotting group, known as Scarlet OpusScarlet Opus, travels world-wide in an effort to provide their clients with updates on where product and design trends might be headed. They offered this idea on kitchen design philosophy going forward: “the ‘Wellness Kitchen‘ is a desire to live in a space that presents a Minimalist mindset that advocates owning less stuff and exercising restraint so that our lives can be simpler and more meaningful.”

The more that you consider the “Wellness Kitchen”, the more you see a focus on simplicity and durability. Properly used, natural stone is both simple and durable. Please take a look at our Charcoal Marble at the very top of this post as a representative example. Then check out Avenza Marble below.

Avenza Marble

In the end, Tureks can address almost any trend in kitchen design. We are always hoping to be the key stone vendor for our many clients and friends. Thanks for reading.

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