Using Turkish Stone Finishes

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Using Turkish Stone Finishes is a fine topic for a blog post today. Tureks always makes a professional attempt to educate our clients and friends. In this case, there may possibly be a few new clients that might want to understand this topic a bit better.

Frost White PolIshed MarbleThat said, most consumers are familiar with the polished finish in natural stone. Take a look at our Frost White Polished Marble immediately above. Polished finishes are, naturally, the most reflective and tend to bounce light around a space. This can serve quite a few design purposes.

Then at the very top today is a textured stone finish from our Cottage Stone.  Of course, this finish is much less reflective, but is able to deliver an interesting visual and a relatively non-slip floor. This is a texture that can lend itself easily to exterior applications.

Olive Green Honed Limestone

Lastly, take a peek at a honed limestone slab above. A good way to understand this is as a comparison to paint. The honed stone finish is to a matte paint finish as polished stone is to glossy paint. That sums it up. We hope this helps and thanks for reading.


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