Using Natural Stone

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Fall is here in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, many minds turn toward an update to the design of their home or office. Using Natural Stone properly is certainly a part of that equation. Let’s discuss a few points.

Using Natural Stone
Fusion Marble

Natural Stone is incredibly versatile from a  design standpoint. Take look at the range of colors in our Fusion Marble above. This is a classic example of a natural stone that has a magnificent color range. A range that enables the designer and homeowner to “grab” colors from the stone that will work with other finishes. Notice how the paint color works nicely with the blue tones in the various stone shades.

Now we should take a glimpse at our Charcoal Marble at the very top of the post. In this case, the strong stone color value coordinates very well with both paint and cabinetry.

This post touched on Using Natural Stone from a color standpoint. Our next post will focus on texture. Thanks for reading.

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