Use Of Marble In Residential And Commercial Projects: How Do You Design An Unique And Stylish Space Using Marble?

Turkish Black Brushed Chiselled Limestone
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Whether it’s a commercial space or a residential project, every space needs its own design idea. Like every person, every place is unique. The first material to be evaluated by architects who want to highlight the feeling of originality in their projects is natural stones. The gift of nature, matchless marbles create elegance in the environment with their distinctive color, texture and pattern. The most famous and distinguished fashion companies of the world definitely prefer marble flooring products in their showrooms due to the luxurious and distinguished effect they create. You can choose marble slab, tile, waterjet or mosaic marble tile to complement the style you want to create in the environment.

Benefits of Using Marble Products in Your Projects

• It is a unique and original product.
• It is natural.
• It is stylish and exclusive.
• Its decoration with its natural colors creates a complementary effect.
• It is durable. It can be used safely for many years.
• It provides insulation.
• It is easy to maintain.
• There is a wide variety of color, texture and pattern.

Where is Marble Used?

• Wall and floor tiling in the bathroom
• Countertops, wall and floor coverings in the kitchen
• Flooring in common areas such as entrance hall, lobby, corridor, square, courtyard, terrace, garden, pool area, walking path
• Floor and wall coverings in rooms
• Exterior wall cladding
• Surface coating on furniture such as tables and coffee tables
• Decoration objects

Marble is indispensable for your projects with its many benefits, wide usage area and impressive visuals. At Tureks, you can choose the most suitable marble product by the color and texture for your project from our wide product selection in the form of marble slab, marble tile, waterjet cut marble tile and mosaic marble tile. We have prepared a selection for you from our best-selling marble product range, suitable for your commercial and residential projects.

Diana Royal Marble Tile

Diana Royal Marble Tile
Diana Royal, one of the most preferred marbles of our company, is a product that should be evaluated by those looking for classical simplicity. Presented in the form of marble tile with various surface options, Diana Royal creates a harmonious and elegant effect in the environment with its warm color. You can view all of our Diana Royal marble collections.

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White Marble Tile

If you are looking for a simple elegance in your commercial and residential projects, classic white marble may be the product you are looking for. Even if we call it white marble, marbles with different tones and granule structure will create a different effect. We recommend you to review our Fantasy White, Frost White, Glacier, Iceberg, Ocean White and Snow White marbles to find the most suitable white marble tile for your project.


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Black Marble Tile

Our architects, who want to create a distinguished and determined ambiance, prefer black marble in their projects. The impressive texture of black marble creates a striking effect in the area where it is used. If you are looking for unique surfaces in your commercial or residential projects, we recommend you to think about our black marble tiles, waterjet tiles and marble slabs, which create different effects with different surface treatments.

Turkish Black Brushed Chiselled Limestone

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Black and White Mosaic

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Waterjet Marble Tile

If you are tired of classic marble applications and thinking of using innovative marble tiles in your projects, check out our bestselling waterjet marble tiles. Browse our collections to find the right one for your project among hundreds of different marble tiles suitable for different decoration styles.

Celine Snow White Polished & Calacatta Green Polished & Red Laguna Honed Waterjet Decos 34x34x1 cm
waterjet marble tile wall tile covering in bathroom

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Colored Marble Tile

You can use our colored marble tiles, which are the favorite of our architects who are looking for a different texture and a unique design element in their projects. Colored waterjet marble tiles can be used as floor and wall coverings in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, terraces and courtyards in commercial and residential projects, and create a colorful and original touch.

Black & Snow White & Allure Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaics 28,5x29,8

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Our natural marble products offered by Tureks will add elegance and style to your projects. You can choose our marble tile products for floor and wall applications in bathroom, kitchen, living room, lobby, terrace, courtyard, garden and many other areas in your commercial or residential projects. You can consult us to choose the most suitable marble product for your project. You can call us for your questions about our products and visit our showrooms to see our marble tile and tile collections closely.

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