Three Stone Design Elements

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A natural stone producer has to stay in touch with both current trends and the basic fundamentals of designing with stone. So here we go with Three Stone Design Elements.

Three Stone Design Elements
Chester Plaid Marble

We discovered a great post on the elements  of interior design from a cool firm in North America, Hatch Design .They told us “that interior designers apply various elements of design – line and shape, colour, texture & pattern, proportion, and light.” We selected three of these points for our post today.

1. Shape matters in every aspect of design. Natural Stone is very good at taking raw, freshly quarried material and creating a vast array of shapes. At the very top of this post, you can see elongated rectangles from our Skyline Polished Marble collection.

2. Pattern plays a major role across all design mediums from haute design to wall coverings and everything in between. Check out our Chester Plaid Marble pictured above.

Canyon Travertine3. Texture has the ability to stimulate both visual and tactile senses. The image above, from our Canyon Travertine collection, uses a split-face texture to create a three-dimensional wall covering.

We hope these three points offer a few fresh ideas for you to consider. Thanks for reading.

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