Sustainability in Natural Stone Industry: Our Values and Work

What is sustainability
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As Tureks Marble, the top two topics that we care most about are our environment and nature. Nature gives us natural stones as unique presents. We are aware that we must protect it in return for her kindness. In all of our processes, we pay attention to ensure sustainability, protect the environment, maintain the ecological balance, being conscious and careful use of natural resources, regain and recycle of materials. Also, the natural stone products as tiles, mosaics and slabs produced in Tureks are eco-friendly choices according to their durable, Sustainability, and energy-saving properties.

Why is sustainability important

What is Sustainability?

“Sustainability” can be shortly defined as fulfilling the daily living needs without endangering next generations’ life and their needs. In 1984, the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole started discussions all around the world about sustainability and the role of human beings in environmental problems. Today, as a result of human actions, the world’s natural resources and many species are at the edge of extinction.

Our consumptions have to be planned to allow the world’s natural resources can renew themselves. There are important factors to ensure sustainability. We have to be aware that natural resources are limited and exhaustible. We should protect the integrity of the ecosystem. Economic growth and community welfare should be increased however we should do that without harming the environment.

The resources should be used efficiently. Waste should be avoided. Reusing and recycling issues should be considered.

Our Values and Work

At Tureks Marble, we care about protecting nature, ensuring sustainability, saving and regaining the materials in all of our processes from marble quarry to the production process and consumer usage.

In our factory, we collect recyclable wastes in special containers according to their categories. Then, we send them to recycling centers.

Through our environmentally friendly approach, effort to ensure sustainability and the zero-waste management system, we qualified with the “Zero Waste Certificate” by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Tureks Sustainability

Tureks sıfır atık

We care about regaining. All of the excess materials mined from our quarries are collected, then, given to the related governmental unit to later use in road construction projects. Besides, our quarries are closed according to legislations and reforestation projects are done on the closed areas.

planting saplings

We understand the real value of each piece of marble that is mined. Often many natural stone waste pieces occur during production in sizing and cutting processes. We collect all of the waste marble pieces to later use them in special new tile series that we design and produce to regain them.

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We design products to use some unique pieces or regain waste natural stone pieces in special characteristics.

We care about the circular economy. We use our resources efficiently, on the other hand, we design projects to regain waste natural stone pieces. You can evaluate the sources of materials you bought or used in your home design projects. You can support sustainability projects with your choice of eco-friendly products.

Ecological Benefits that Natural Stone Provides

Natural stones are eco-friendly, sustainable, and don’t give harm human health. Natural stones as nature’s gift save energy in comparison to synthetic materials.

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On the contrary to other construction materials, natural stones are resistant to pressure and abrasion. Thus, they can be well used for years. In fact, natural stone tiles get better with age. Marble stands against the disposable usage habits of today’s world. Natural stone products don’t have a lifetime. If a building completes its time, extracted marble pieces of the building can be used in other constructions. Tiny bits of marble can be reused in cement making or road constructions. This allows us to define natural stones as sustainable materials.
Natural stones add naturalness and aesthetics to an environment. Also, they save heat significantly in comparison with other construction materials. You can save heat, provide warmth in winter, provide coolness in summer by using marble tiles or plates on the walls and floors in your home. Because marble saves heat successfully, it is possible to save from energy expenses.


You can prefer natural stone tiles, marble mosaics, and plates for wall covering or flooring in bathroom, kitchen, hall, living room as interior areas or poolside, garden, a terrace as exterior areas of your home to create a sustainable place.

You can call us, visit our website and our showrooms to gather more information about our collections and works.

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