Natural Stone Wall Flooring

Natural Stone Wall Flooring
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Systematize living spaces in a traditional way; An aesthetic appearance is obtained with Natural Stone Wall Flooring. The ones preferred on the exterior or facades reveal different and special motifs from natural stones. The current stone pavements, which are a healthy and trained tool, are preferred in planning.

Natural stones, known as the first building material, are mostly preferred for decorative purposes today. Stone wall coverings, which are used on the interior or exterior of the buildings, can also be preferred on the garden walls. In order to obtain a more natural look or to add a different atmosphere to your area, you can examine our natural stone wall flooring products that suit your taste from our wide product range.

How to make Stone Wall Flooring ?

The workplace or any room of your home. You can choose such products for the exterior or garden wall. In this regard, it will be necessary to determine which natural stone is the most suitable for your region. Climatic conditions are very important in this regard. In addition to the occurrence of frost events, the amount of precipitation also determines the natural stone coating products to be preferred. In addition, the condition and shape of the building also affect how the natural stones to be used should be selected. As it is known, a certain weight of natural stones can create different effects on the applied area. The strength of the building or the wall to be applied is very important in this regard. For this reason, those who want to have Natural Stone Wall Flooring in their living spaces should first determine whether their structures are suitable for this application. This should be evaluated and approved by experts in the business.

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Natural stones determined after the above-mentioned examinations should be laid by competent people. First of all, the walls to be tiled must be prepared for this process. The surface should be made flat by filling the recesses or protrusions. As a result of this process, the process is carried out with adhesive materials (concrete mortar or tile adhesive) suitable for natural stone. At the end of the process, natural stones are cleaned of mortar residues and become ready for use. Generally, maintenance-free stone floors provide ease of use for many years without any problems.

You can examine our wide product range on our website for Natural Stone Wall Flooring application in your living spaces. We also serve you at our Tureks Marble Istanbul and Afyon sales points. You can solve all your questions about natural stone flooring products by contacting us.

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