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Natural stones add beauty to our living spaces. After the first use of marble quarries in ancient times, natural stones appear in various fields with an ever-growing area of use. The most common usage areas of marble tile is the covering application for floor and wall. Natural stones are used as floor and surface coverings in the interiors of commercial and residential architectural projects, in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, entrances, corridors, and in outdoor areas such as terraces, balconies, gardens, squares, walkways, poolside areas. By their unique textures and patterns, marble tiles take attention and leave a stylish effect in the area where they are used. They are indispensable for outdoor architectural projects.

If you want to include natural stones in your outdoor architectural projects, continue reading. In this blog post, you will find specific marble usage suggestions, color alternatives and product recommendations for your commercial and residential projects. We have prepared a compilation of the most exclusive natural stone tile products of our company.

Using Marble for Outdoor Projects

Natural stones show themselves in a wide area with their unique texture. It is possible to find marble products in various tones from white to black, beige to gray. You can choose the marble color according to the decoration style of the area where it will be used. The surface treatment is selected according to the needs of your architectural projects. With its durable structure, safety and clean appearance, marble is a very good product choice for outdoor use. In addition, building exterior marble cladding is advantageous both visually and functionally as it provides thermal insulation.

Our marble tile products are protected against external factors with special surface treatments. Thus, you can use your natural stone products with the same quality for years. Natural stones are mostly used as flooring in areas such as balconies, gardens and terraces outdoors. In addition to these, marble tiles are also preferred in gardens, square areas, walking paths and pool areas.

Marble Tile Floor Application Recommendations for Balcony, Terrace and Garden

The most common areas of outdoor marble use are balconies, gardens and terraces. Natural stones make your time at outdoor more enjoyable with their fascinating texture and patterns. It offers a visual feast. Marble tiles become one of the most striking architectural pieces of your commercial and residential projects with the stylish effect they create. The wide range of products and color alternatives within our company helps you easily find the most suitable natural stone product for your project.

Balcony marble floor tile flooring

The use of light-colored marble tiles on the balcony and terrace floors has the effect of making even small spaces look large and spacious. Marble tiles in color tones such as white, beige, light gray create a classic style and act in harmony with other colors. The use of dark marble tiles creates a modern and stylish effect. It is also more resistant to dirt and stains. In the garden, natural stones, whether light or dark, offer an integrated look with all the colors of nature.

flooring tiles
Terrace Floor Marble Tile Application


One of our most preferred products by our architects for outdoor projects is the Paver Marble Tiles collection. It offers a natural and effortless appearance while being easily placed with its interlocking pattern. There are various natural stone tiles in our collection from light to dark white, beige and gray tones. If you would like to examine our Paver Marble Collection, which has a non-slip feature with special surface treatments, you can find it here.

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beyaz mermer
Marble tile floor in the garden balcony area

Textura Paver Marble tile collection can be the choice of your architectural projects with its nine color alternatives. With its special matte surface treatment, it gives the texture of natural stone a leather look. Textura Paver Marble tiles can be easily preferred on indoor and outdoor floors and exterior walls.

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Turkish Black Brushed Chiselled Limestone
Balcony floor marble tile covering

Marble Tile Floor Application Recommendations for Garden, Pool and Walkway

iris black
outdoor black marble flooring

Using marble tiles in the garden and outdoor walkway adds functionality as well as visual beauty. You can safely use our natural stone tile products, which we have made non-slip with special surface treatments, for years. You can easily find the most suitable one for your project among our marble tile products in different sizes and colors.

Marble flooring in the poolside and garden area

You can choose natural stone products for poolside and sun lounger areas and pool surface coatings. Marble floor and surface coverings last for years with their stylish and impressive style. Beige tones are one of the most preferred colors of our architects. You can choose the most suitable product for your decoration style among our various natural stone products ranging from white to dark gray tones. Our marble tiles are preferred in the garden, on the walkway and by the pool. We apply a special process and polish that are resistant to water, scratching, and even prevent slipping. You can happily use your marble tile products prepared in accordance with your project for years.

Marble Floor Covering by the Pool

You can choose natural stone tiles and tiles not only inside but also in your outdoor living spaces. You can create a pleasant atmosphere by using marble in your homes. If you want to find the most suitable marble product for your decoration style in your housing projects, you can contact us. You can supply natural stone products in various sizes, patterns and colors that we work specifically for your project, with the assurance of our Tureks Marble company. Your marble tile products become more durable and provide thermal insulation thanks to specially applied surface treatments. You can contact us to find suitable products for your commercial and architectural projects. If you want to see our products closely, you can visit our showrooms.

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