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Exterior marble cladding is increasing in popularity with its attractive appearance, health and thermal insulation. The use of natural stone products should be considered in outdoor areas as well as indoor living areas. Natural and long-lasting marble tile products can be preferred on building exteriors, garden walls, balconies and terraces, walkways, poolside and garage floors.

Color Selection for Exterior Natural Stone Coating Products

For those who want to use marble products in their residential and commercial projects, various marble tile options are available in white, beige, cream, gray and black tones. You can choose a marble product that is compatible with the colors of the area where it will be used from our wide marble product portfolio. White, light gray marble floors make the building look big and voluminous. It also offers an elegant and clean visual. Beige tones suit classical architectural structures very well. Dark gray and black-toned marble floors offer an elegant and stylish look.

Building Exterior Wall Natural Stone Tile Flooring

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Exterior Marble Surface Treatments and Polishing Applications

An important factor affecting the visual appearance in exterior marble cladding is the surface treatment application. In order to protect natural stone products against abrasive external factors, special surface treatments and polish are applied to the products. Thus, you can safely use natural stone tiles and tile coatings for many years. In addition to its durability and clean appearance, natural stone coating applications in buildings are also very beneficial in terms of thermal insulation.

Calacatta marble
exterior marble tile wall cladding

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Application Ideas for Exterior Marble Tile Wall Cladding

You can consider the use of decorative marble tiles as an impressive option in the exterior wall applications of your housing projects. Natural stone products that provide a stone house look are prepared in special sizes according to the needs of your commercial or residential project. You can easily use your exterior natural stone tile products, which have been especially surface treated to be resistant to external factors, for many years.

Important Factors for Exterior Natural Stone Cladding Applications

Weather conditions in the region where the exterior natural stone will be applied, the amount of precipitation, the shape and needs of the building play a decisive role in the selection of natural stone. In addition, it is recommended that the durability of the buildings to be applied with marble coating is high. Since natural stones have a certain weight, it is recommended to make an expert evaluation before the application. By evaluating all these factors, we prepare the most suitable exterior natural stone product for your residential or commercial projects together. You can contact us about anything you need for your projects or you can get detailed information from our sales consultants.

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Diana Royal Beige Marble Exterior Wall Cladding

Those who want to achieve a harmonious architectural appearance in commercial and residential projects may prefer to apply marble floor tiles in areas such as building surfaces, garden, poolside and garage. Natural stone products are strengthened against external factors thanks to special surface treatments and polish. It is resistant to stain and dirt formation. It creates a striking and timeless elegance in the area where natural stones are located. Marble tile coatings used on the exterior of the building and in the garden offer a visual feast in harmony with all natural colors. If you want to create a pleasant atmosphere in your living spaces, we recommend that you make room for natural stone tiles in your projects. You can contact us to find the most suitable product for your architectural projects. We offer the assurance of Tureks Marble, of natural stone products in various sizes, patterns and colors that we have prepared specially for your project. If you would like to see our products closely, you are welcome to our showrooms.

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