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A brand new kitchen backsplash is one of the easiest ways to introduce a range of new tiling to your home. Interior designers have loved subway tiles for years to create a relaxed yet sleek space. Aside from the ease of installation, subway tiles are right on the money regarding tiling trends. Their simple design and range of colors for these kitchen wall tiles brighten up any room or wall. For some design inspiration for your new kitchen subway tile backsplash, Country Floors have compiled our range of designers’ favorite subway tiles.


Why Are Subway Tiles the Sultans of Style?

Subway tiles came into being in 1904 for use in, you guessed it, the New York subway. Christopher Grand La Farge and George C. Heins needed a tile that was easy to clean off tough soot but still looked the part. The designers conceptualized the subway tile for this exact purpose. The resulting white subway tile was stain-resistant and opened out the dark tunnels of the metro. These qualities make the tiles perfect for a subway tile backsplash today for the kitchen. The tile’s popularity boomed after their introduction. They began to see usage in early-century kitchens and bathrooms, not as subway tile backsplashes but in full subway tile kitchens. Their longevity and simple style delighted architects, interior designers, and homeowners everywhere. But that was a long time ago, so are subway tiles still in style? The good news is that since the original white subway tiles of 1904, there has been a wide variety of subway tiles produced. These ceramic tiles are available in a vast range of colors and stones.


Why are Kitchen Subway Tile Backsplashes Good? 

The Country Floors subway tiles use marble for an added air of luxury. This natural stone makes them perfect for a subway tile backsplash that looks right at home, among other marble elements. A white subway tile backsplash is simple to achieve with our range of polished, honed, and glossy marble tiles. A simple interlocking subway tile backsplash is unbeatable for a classic and clean look. Opt for a radiant, lustrous finish marble if you want a subway tiles kitchen backsplash that catches the eye. Or pair the subway tiles with our glossy black ceramic tile from the Country Floors Status collection. Monochrome or herringbone backsplash is well within reach—a timeless addition to your subway tiles kitchen.

Black Glossy Ceramic Tile

What Subway Tiles for Backsplashes Does the Country Floors Range Offer?

Aspen White Honed/Polished Subway Tile – When it comes to a kitchen subway tile backsplash, this is as classic as it can get. But this is no ordinary white subway tile backsplash, as the honed or polished marble stands out. In a subway tiles kitchen, it can offer a moment of calm among other colorful subway tiles.

Aspen White Honed Subway Marble Tile

Antique Mirror Glossy Subway Tile – A brilliantly unique option, the grey tones in this subway tile backsplash are right on trend for modern interiors. The glass subway tile hails from our much loved Antique Mirror collection. The surface of the kitchen backsplash subway tile dapples with a beautiful marbled design.

Antique Mirror Glossy Subway Glass Tile

Avalon Polished Subway Tile – This is another simple classic. This kitchen backsplash option is pure white with some characteristic gray veining. Why not opt for an unusual or colored grout with this subway tile backsplash to create contrast. Or pair the tiles with black marble for a herringbone backsplash.

Avenza Honed Subway Tile – This beautiful option for a kitchen subway tile backsplash combines the best of modern and vintage. The deep-set grooves in this subway tile backsplash add an aged air alongside the cloudy gray marble. Kitchen backsplash subway tile has never been quite so opulent as this.

Silver Shadow Honed Subway Tile – Finally, we have another grey option to finish the Country Floors kitchen subway tile backsplash edit. The soft and light tones of this kitchen backsplash tile are surprisingly bright. A great choice to create space in a wider subway tiles kitchen.

Want to Shop the Full Collection? 

To view the complete collection of subway backsplash tiles available on our site or other natural stone tiling collections, click here! If you need any guidance on how and where to use subway tile in your home or workplace. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of expert interior designers, who can offer you invaluable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your natural stone tile.

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