European Stone Design Ideas

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Europe is a big place. More importantly, it includes a wide range of cultures, climates, ethnicities, and overall tastes. So, any conversation on European Stone Design Ideas must seek to not limit itself.

A great example of European design exceptionalism is where the “old” meets the “new.” So imagine a centuries old home incorporating modern trending concepts into the interiors. Particularly in the kitchen, which is of course the very heartbeat of the home. Many times, in trying to make this juxtaposition happen, the more “modern” finishes may actually be reinterpreted design standards like marble. Check out our Iceberg Marble Collection at the top of this post.

Let’s move on to another idea. Valentina Bertazzoni, is with Italian kitchen appliance brand Bertazzoni; a very fashion forward company in terms of European design. Miss Bertazzoni had this to say recently: “In Europe, homeowners are typically bolder in their use of bright colors.These pops of color give a real personality and sense of the homeowner’s individuality to the space.” Below is our incandescent Verdi Capri Marble in a modern kitchen setting.

European Stone Design Ideas
Verdi Capri Marble

We have made two points today. A classic element like marble can unite the “old” with the “new” and also bring pops of color to any conversation on European Stone Design Ideas. Thanks for reading.

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