Fantasy White Leather Marble

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Código del objeto TL18493Tamaño 61x61x2
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Código del objeto TL18495Tamaño 30x60x2
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Código del objeto TL18498Tamaño 20x40,6x1,2
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Fantasy White Leather Marble What would life be without imagination? It was going to be decrease on a large scale. Fantasy White Leather Marble wants to ignite your imagination by offering a product that can be matched to almost any other surface you can think of in your design plan. As a background, marble is a metamorphic stone that mostly derived from calcite and dolomite.

In the projects, marble types which are generally used for flooring and interior wall covering can find themselves in waterjet applications. Thanks to its extra white structure, it can be sold at higher prices than other marble selections due to the desired selection in many projects. Fantasy White Marble prices vary according to selection and size of stone requested. Due to the absence of vein structure, the appropriateness of selection at the time of laying must be considered. There can be a difference in tones between white marble selections produced from different marble quarries. Unlike polished surface treatments, surface treatments such as honing, sanding and brushing can also be performed. The selection used in areas where decoration is important, such as a business center, increases the value of the application area.


Bath Floors/walls

Res. Countertops