Company Profile

Tureks has been one of the leading natural stone companies in Turkey since 1982, supplying high-quality and unparalleled variety of Turkish marble, travertine, limestone and onyx to clients world-over, with its advanced organizational structure and high level of technology. Tureks has always considered its customers and employees as the cornerstone of its management policy.

Focus on Total Customer Satisfaction.

Tureks focuses on continuous improvement of its products and services according to its customers’ needs and expectations for the finest in natural stone surfaces – Turkish onyx, marble, travertine, limestone and other products for surface.

Investing in New Technologies.

Tureks has a continuous Research and Development Program that provides its customers with a regular flow of new products and applications.

Leading the Stone Industry.

Tureks has striven for a leading position in its industry since inception by supplying the finest Turkish marble, travertine, limestone and onyx products to customers all over the world.

Providing a work environment with a high level of technology and the utmost attention to safety.

Tureks operates according to the ruling Work Health and Safety regulations with a top priority for workers’ safety.

High Ethical Standards and Principles.

Tureks employs the highest possible ethical standards in its operations to achieve mutual benefit for our employees, our society and our country. This goes beyond complying with the prevailing laws and regulations in the country.

Our Brands

Our Products

Tureks’ wide range includes products made of Turkish marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, granite etc. for walls and floors – marble tiles, marble slabs, marble mosaics, marble moldings, marble countertops, marble vanity, marble table top, marble fireplaces, marble pavers, travertine floor tile, travertine slabs, travertine vanity, travertine pool coping, travertine mosaic, travertine molding, travertine fireplace, travertine backsplash, golden travertine, denizli travertine, ivory travertine, afyon marble, silver travertine, walnut travertine, mugla marble, diana royal, onyx floor tile, onyx wall tile, onyx mosaic, onyx molding, onyx shower, onyx countertop, onyx vanity, limestone sink, limestone bathtub, limestone floor tile, limestone wall tile, limestone vanity, limestone counter top etc. – to name a few of Tureks’ most popular products.