White Turkish Stone 2019

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It is now the highest part of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. So, our light summer-like topic today is: White Turkish Stone 2019. Let’s discuss a pair of classic whites in Turkish stone  for your consideration.

White is interesting as a color value for many reasons. Not the least of which is that from a scientific standpoint it is not a color at all. Rather, in physics, white contains all wavelengths of visible light. OK, fine and fair enough.

White Turkish Stone 2019
Vanilla Marble

However, our friends at InteriorDezine.com say that “white is the most commonly used color in interior design, especially in areas where bathing, cleaning and food preparation are prevalent. This is due to the fact that you can see anything that appears on white and wipe it up, keeping the surfaces clean and germ free.” Between the purposes of design and physics, we will pick design for the moment. Take a look at our Vanilla Marble above. This is a uniquely blendable white that offers subtlety as a calling card. At the very top of this post is our Fantasy White Marble,which is a cleaner, starker white. Very crisp in its innate coolness.

Tureks has a fine reputation in the global natural stone community as producer of wonderful white stone. We hope to have reinforced that image with these two collections. Thanks for reading.

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