Warm Turkish Stone

Warm Turkish Stone
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The global natural stone market is always tied to world-wide design trends. Therefore, it remains our duty to stay aware of these ever changing tides. Many of our Collections feature versions of Warm Turkish Stone. Let’s discuss the place of warmth in design going forward.

A leading design publication in the United States is Architectural Digest. They recently spent some time discussing trends for 2019. One of these of was a turn away from, “industrial chic.” Check out this bit from AD: “After years reigning supreme in the cool bars of Brooklyn and hip restaurants of Austin alike, the industrial trend is on the decline.” We, and others, take this to mean “a little more warmth and a little less stark.” Here is where Tureks comes in.

Warm Turkish Stone
Paradise Marble

For the purposes of this post, we have focused on our Paradise Marble which is a fine example of a Warm Turkish Stone that can bring a sense of peace and calm to a space. This stone color value also pairs well with more aggressive accents that might be incorporated in the design plan.

Well, thanks for reading and all the best in 2019.


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