Vision Mission and Values

Our Vision

Tureks’ vision is to remain one of the leading stone companies in the country. In order to realize this vision, Tureks aims to provide customers with high quality products that suit customers’ needs by employing the latest production technologies.

Our Mission

Tureks’ mission is to monitor markets continuously, to understand customers’ needs, to improve its products and operations constantly, to be competitive in the market and to operate in a results oriented, profitable manner.


  • Tureks is one of the oldest stone companies in Turkey. It has been in business of Turkish marble, limestone, travertine, onyx etc., since 1982.
  • Tureks’ accumulated experience through the years gives it an edge in its products and service quality.
  • Has been a trend-setter in the natural stone surface market since its foundation.
  • Tureks tries to provide customers with products with a longer life cycle so that customers can get better returns on their investment in Tureks’ products. Tureks also tries to provide the widest possible range of Turkish marble, travertine, limestone and onyx to its customers, for floor, kitchen, bathroom, wall, fireplace, foyer, paver, vanity top, table top, pool coping etc.
  • Quality has three basic aspects at Tureks: Human Resources, Infrastructure and Execution.
  • Tureks strives to go beyond customers expectations in quality.
  • Consistency in service and product quality is the prime target of Tureks’ Quality System.
  • Tureks’ Quality System aims to build long term Consumer Confidence.
  • Tureks aims to achieve Total Quality.
  • Tureks uses advanced stone producing technology to achieve a consistency in quality.
  • Tureks employs a Quality Assurance rather than Quality Control approach.
  • Tureks employs a continuous quality improvement approach.
  • Tureks employs continuous innovation as a main tool to add value to its products.
  • Tureks has been a pioneer in many developments in the stone industry in Turkey.
  • Tureks encourages all of its employees to be innovative in their own work.
  • Tureks employs a continuous improvement approach in all of its operations.
  • Tureks values the ideas of all of its employees and customers and tries to use these ideas in product development and quality improvement.
  • Tureks is a trustworthy company in the stone industry.
  • Tureks does not give false or misleading information under any circumstances.
  • Tureks employs strict business ethics in its operations.
  • Tureks surpasses the quality and cost expectations of customers.
  • Tureks does not sacrifice its core values under any circumstances.
  • Tureks sees customer requests as its primary task.
  • Tureks delivers on its promises.
  • Tureks delivers on time.