Sealing is an important process for preserving and enhancing the durability of natural stone surfaces. In this video, we provide detailed information about what sealing is and how it is applied. Sealing products can help protect your surfaces from stains, water, and other external factors. Additionally, they assist in maintaining the beauty and shine of natural stone for an extended period. By watching our sealing video, you can learn about the correct application techniques and tips. Strengthen your stone surfaces and make them long-lasting. Don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on our new content!

Sealing is a process and product used to protect natural stone surfaces. This process is done to seal the pores of stone surfaces and enhance their resistance to stains, water, and other external factors. Sealing is a common practice in various natural stone types such as marble, granite, travertine, and more.

The sealing process is typically carried out using a specially formulated sealing product. When applied to the stone surface, this product penetrates the pores and creates a protective layer. This layer prevents the absorption of liquids on the stone’s surface and prevents stains. It also helps maintain the color and shine of the natural stone.