With 41 years of experience, Tureks Turunç Mining holds a significant position in the global marble, travertine, and natural stone industry. Today, as a company with brands such as Marble Systems, Stone Tile Depot, Mermer Outlet, and Country Floors, it owns important projects in the global market, especially in the United States and Europe, and operates in the national and international markets. Tureks Turunç Mining has mining quarries in various locations in Turkey, including Afyon, Sivas, Marmara Island, Burdur, Denizli, and Korkuteli. Not limited to its own resources, the company also utilizes other sources in Turkey and even some overseas sources. Since its establishment, Tureks Turunç Mining has been primarily export-oriented, with 95% of its production being exported abroad, while the remaining 5% is sold in the domestic market. Tureks Turunç Mining exports 60% to the United States and 40% to European countries such as the UK, Germany, and France, while also exporting to the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and the Far East.

Under the Marble Systems brand, we export to more than 30 countries today, under the umbrella of Tureks Turunç Mining. With showrooms and warehouses both domestically and internationally, we serve all corners of the world. With continuous investments in marble and natural stone quarrying, we are a company with mining licenses in 10 quarries, with a production capacity of 35,000 cubic meters. With a sales and production volume of over 1 million square meters, we transform more than 900 different natural stones in our factories for use in both interior and exterior spaces. We have over 1000 dealers in the United States, 7 of our own warehouses, and 12 showrooms.