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As Tureks, besides amazing quality and eye-catching marble and limestones products, we also offer travertine pavers for our customers. This amazing natural stone has managed to attract the attention of mankind since ancient times. It was so popular that we wanted to include them in every part of our lives.

For instance, you can see one of the best applications of travertines in the ancient Colosseum. These natural stones did not lose their popularity in the modern era too. Today, we benefit from these amazing stones in many areas of our lives such as in our kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even for landscape works.

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Benefits of Using Travertine in Your Decoration

Here are some benefits of preferring travertine in your projects or living spaces. Do not miss your chance to gain a better insight about these amazing natural stones with the following facts.

● Travertine has a uniform structure and has a low soft texture with ideal roughness. Thanks to this feature, they are quite easy to mine and process. The density of these stones is also low, and this allows them to be easily transported.

● One of the most prominent features of these stones is their porous structure. This allows them to look old and worn out. However, different finish types can be applied to overcome the natural challenges it bears due to its porous surface. Honing, filling, and tumbling are some of the finish types applied on these stones depending on their usage purpose. All travertine pavers must be honed and filled prior to use to prevent possible problems.

● The durability of these natural stones made them a popular construction material. You can easily witness their durability by simply checking ancient structures such as Roman Colosseum. The compact resistance of travertine stones makes them the most ideal material to be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

● In general, travertines are available in many shades of beige and brown. This color scale can range between white and gray. Most of the travertines include a mixture of many colors. It is quite easy to mistake travertines for marble due to the marble patterns available on them.

● Another important advantage of these natural stones is they do not get hot quickly. They are resistant to heat and stay cool for longer times. As a result, you can easily prefer travertine pavers in outdoor venues.

● It is safe to use travertines as floorings. Some people worry about the allergens and dirt accumulating on wooden floors or carpets. You can easily enjoy hypoallergenic flooring by preferring travertine tiles. These floorings will prevent the gathering of animal furs and pollen. They are quite easy to clean when compared to traditional floorings.

● Moreover, travertines are more affordable when compared to other natural stones.

travertine pavers

Travertines have many advantages, and all these above-mentioned arguments can be enough to give you a reason to prefer these natural stones. As Tureks, we have 51 unique models in the travertine category, which can be used for different purposes.

Are Travertine Pavers the Right Choice?

Unfortunately, not all travertines are suitable to be used for pavers or in any area which has a high possibility to be exposed to water often. Of course, Tureks offers the best solution for its customers to overcome this challenge and prefer travertine pavers in any area you wish.

This is achieved by special coatings. Travertines finished with techniques such as honing, and filling can easily be preferred in any area without limitation.

In fact, they are one of the most preferred natural stones in outdoor decoration. They are more affordable when compared to other natural stones and they are as durable as them when the required finish types are implemented in advance.


Our Travertine Pavers

We offer a wide range of travertine pavers for our customers in the form of tiles and slabs. You can easily benefit from these amazing natural stones and achieve the perfect look you desire in your project or living space. Below, we have compiled some of our most demanded products for you. You can check each of these beautiful travertines or simply visit our relevant category to find out more options.

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If you think preferring marble will be quite costly yet you do not want to give up the amazing look of marble, then we can recommend our Silverado Honed & Filled Travertine Tiles for you. These amazing travertines are the ideal choice for those who do not give up on the great look of marble and also have a limited budget.

Here is another option that you may want to consider when you do not want to give up on the spectacular look of marble. The veins on these travertines can easily provide an authentic atmosphere no matter where you prefer them. We believe that most of our readers will also adore these Silverado Honed & Filled Travertine Tiles. They can be your next-favorite product to prefer as travertine pavers.

You may be looking for travertines to add some color to your decoration. If this is the case for you, do not worry, we got your back. We present you the Walnut Dark Honed & Filled Travertine Tiles. These brown tiles can offer the versatility you need in your decoration. Without a doubt, you are going to love the shade of this brown that can look amazing in any decoration.

Here is one of our favorite light-colored travertines that we can recommend for you. Ivory Light 1/2 Honed & Filled Travertine Tiles can be the best option for those who are looking for light colors in their decoration. You can easily prefer these travertines in any outdoor venue. They can provide you with the nobility of white and let your living spaces look elegant and stylish.

Our travertine pavers are not limited to these above-mentioned products. You can always visit our website and relevant categories to find more options to consider for your project or living space. Moreover, you can always contact our sales team to get detailed information and assistance. We will be always glad to assist you in terms of marbles, travertines, or limestones. We can help you to find the perfect option for your specific needs and demands.

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