Royal Cream Marble

Royal Cream Honed, the pearl of the marble... It will add simplicity to your modern house life and accompany the places you dream of. Royal Cream Honed series, which creates a stylish floor in the rooms, open spaces and kitchens of your home, will make your spaces look larger with its visual quality reflecting the interior veins of the stone. Marble, which is highly preferred in home decorations and architectural structures in every period, gives hints that it was used in ancient times with its traces from the past. Let this historical habit accompany you.

Royal Cream Marble has a smooth and velvety appearance. With its light cream background, pale taupe strokes and lighter cream colors, it is beautifully emphasized and gives a rich and inviting feeling. It is part of the Royal Cream's best-selling list, being a highly preferred marble type in architectural structures. It will give your spaces a wide view with its visual reflecting the interior veins of the stone.

Standard Production Sizes (centimeters)

Special order sizes are available upon request. Please inquire about non-standard thickness.

Various finish and textures are applicable depending on the size and shape. Please inquire for more information.

* The shown picture shows the overall structure of the product. It may vary in different dimensions of the actual product.
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