Diana Royal Marble is a natural stone with a beige veined structure, patented by Tureks. Its generic name is “Diana”, “Diana royal” or “beige marble”.
The largest Diana Royal mineral reserve in Turkey is owned by Tureks. When we look at the past of the marble quarry, it tells us how beautiful and majestic the lakes between the provinces of Isparta and Burdur are. We are not the largest marble quarry in the world, but our marble quarries, which are the accumulation of years that nature has presented to us, still continue to work with the same excitement as on the first day.
Diana Royal Marble, where you can see all the features of natural stone in a single piece, is also known as the best natural stone in the beige color group. Diana Royal Turkish Marble is one of the most classic stones in the world. It is extracted from the Karamanlı region of Burdur. Diana Royal is available in marble tiles, marble flooring, marble mosaic, pool deck marble, and marble flooring. It can be used in all indoor and outdoor areas such as a bathroom, living room, kitchen, living room, garden, poolside, and everywhere from wall to floor.Tureks Marble; It is known for its travertine, marble and limestone production. There are marble quarries with an extensive production of beige marble, white marble and cream and taupe stone. Our blocks can be used in the production of tiles and slabs for walls and floors. Tureks offers a rich selection of colors from its quarries throughout Turkey. Raw materials obtained in their own quarries using the most advanced technologies in the world; It turns into more than 5,000 products including marble, travertine, natural stone, onyx and limestone.