Residential Project


In the residential project undertaken by Tureks Marble Company, Avalon polished marble was chosen to grace the interior floors. This particular Avalon marble features delicate gray veins, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space.

The glossy finish of Avalon marble not only illuminates the area but also combines with the purity and elegance of white, creating a sense of simplicity and luxury. The durability and quality of this marble are evident with every step, assuring us that our project will maintain its charm for years to come.

Every detail of this unique project has been accentuated by the grace of Avalon polished marble. Used in the interior, this marble not only offers beauty but also provides quality and durability, ensuring that our project remains a distinctive and unforgettable creation.

As Tureks Marble Company, we take pride and pleasure in contributing to the use of Avalon polished marble in this project. This special project perfectly showcases the unique beauty and functionality of marble, and it will continue to exist as an inspirational masterpiece for future generations.

Project Location: USA