El Conquistador Resort

“El Conquistador Resort Project: Luxury and Historical Combined Design”

El Conquistador Resort, which reflects the great beauties of Puerto Rico and offers an unforgettable experiment to its subjects, is proud to be a special project host.
In this project, star-patterned ceramic tiles specially designed for all floors, thresholds, and make-up rooms and Diana Royal marbles, famous for elegance, were used.

The large areas of El Conquistador Resort are planned to serve the purpose of its guests, who are looking for luxury and comfort.
Star-patterned porcelain tiles create an eye-catching effect in the interiors of the resort while at the same time offering a similar atmosphere reflecting the history of the resort in the outdoor areas. The project designs carried out by famous architects combine quality and aesthetics and make the experience of their guests even more special. Dec.

The El Conquistador Resort Project brings together a special design description that reflects the delectable atmosphere of the resort and the history of Puerto Rico. Star-patterned porcelain tiles and Diana Royal marbles provide a trial life that guests who offer luxury and necessities in every name will not forget. This project has been carefully planned and realized by the owner’s hotel designs. El Conquistador Resort offers these unique project guests a trial in its own structure with its historical and natural beauties as well as high-quality service.