Our favorite blue and white tile design for your modern classic interior we have prepared for you

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Blue and White Tiles

Our favorite interior design at Country Floors is blue and white tiles. While we like to use innovative uses, sometimes it is necessary to go back to the classics. Your favorite use of blue and white should be in these earthen floor tiles. They look great and offer a classic interior design that is simultaneously appealing and attractively retro lifestyle.

Yes, let’s have a look at the examples of floor tiles completely amazing! Terracotta tiles offer a durable, colorful earthy and patterned option.

What is the blue and white tile called? This style of tiles have a classic design style, historically also known as Delft tiles from the Netherlands. Country Floors offers a range of options, from classic blue and blue tiles with a modern design style to ultra-central blue and white tiles. These options can help you update the look of your home and give it a classic style. Also, different patterns and colors can be offered to meet the different load of each house.

Shiny Blue Terracotta Tiles

Glossy terracotta tiles are perfect for your home. Not only do they look great, they also have a refreshingly classic feel. It’s a viable solution for anyone who wants to focus on period decorations and can help add character to your home. Glossy terracotta tiles, with their bright and vibrant colors, can increase the energy of your home and give your home a classic look.


An example is the Indigo Wash Tulips Glossy Terracotta Tile. This blue tile tile allows you to have the classic terracotta tile design with beautiful blue and white colors. It will be a good style choice in the kitchen, living room or even bathroom, on the floor or on the wall. Because they are bright, they help to catch light and brighten rooms. Plus, they’re durable and long-lasting, allowing you to make an investment that preserves the look of your home for a long time.

Indigo Wash Tulips Glossy Ceramic Tile


Alternatively, Indigo Wash Manorca Glossy Terracotta Tiles are a great option. This design is somewhat similar to the first in the sense that it retains white and blue, but also puts a more pronounced emphasis on blue. When you look at the way the tile is brushed on the surface, you’ll see why this option is great. These tiles can add vitality and energy to your home as they have a glossy surface as well as a strong hue. Since they are also durable and long-lasting, you make an investment that preserves the look of your home for a long time.


A classic terracotta tile, like the first design we mentioned, is a great option for the kitchen or living room. These tiles have a glossy design that protects the painted parts underneath and are thus practical. It can also add an updated atmosphere to your home while providing a classic look. Due to its durability and longevity, you make an investment that preserves the appearance of your home for a long time.


Blue and White Ceramic Tiles

Our selection of floor tiles for interior design is not limited to glossy-looking tiles. Ceramic tiles also offer a different option. If you don’t want the terracotta tile feel, this might suit you better.

These affordable tiles have more texture in simpler designs. Aluna Matte Ceramic Tiles are nice looking and have a harder and touchable surface. This type of tiles has a modern style and durable design for kitchen, bathroom and living room. They are efficiently manufactured using quality materials and are easy to maintain.

Another great option, Sakura Matte Ceramic Tiles also has many advantages. These tiles have beautiful blue and white colors that should make them a classic favourite, but they’re also made with modern and easy-care materials. Cleaning these types of tiles is simple, thanks to their dust-resistant nature.


Aluna Matte Ceramic Tile

Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Blue and white ceramic tiles can be found in different shapes and sizes for people who want to try different styles. You can even choose from glazed ceramic tiles at the same time. We also have a suitable offer for you: Garden Blanc Blue Glazed Ceramic Tiles.

While these tiles are different from terracotta tiles or basic ceramic tiles, they have their advantages. Combining classic and modern style, these tiles are suitable for people who love blue and white but want a durable interior design. Offering the best of both worlds, these tiles will suit kitchens and living rooms and add style to your interior.

Garden Blanc Blue Glazed Ceramic Tile


final thoughts

The blue and white classic ceramic design is very beautiful and easily recognizable. That’s why it’s common for many people to use it in their home. This type of tile color scheme can add so much to your interior and we can help you access our wonderful selection of blue and white tiles at Country Floors.

We have worked hard to provide great interior designs and these blue and white tiles are some of the best tiles. Check them out today and see what we mean, we have lots of offers and many different designs to choose from.

Indigo Wash Manorca Glossy Ceramic Tile


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