New Trend: Terrazzo Marble Tiles

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As we said “the new trend” for terrazzo marble tiles, but in fact, the history of terrazzo tiles dates back to the 1500s. Terrazzo, the technique of which was first developed by marble workers in Venice, Italy, is a decorative marble cladding application in which marble wastes are evaluated. He became famous for the aesthetic image he created and became world-famous, terrazzo means terrace in Italian. In the past, terrazzo tiles were prepared piece by piece but thanks to the machines today’s the technology we don’t have to anymore; This makes it easy to transport and apply.

To obtain terrazzo, pieces of marble are added to a cementitious binder mix, poured into molds, and become tiles. Then, optionally, it goes through the paint and polishing process. Terrazzo tiles are ready for use after drying. The granule distribution in each tile is unique to that tile. In short, each Terrazzo tile is unique.

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Terrazzo tiles are now on the agenda again with their fascinating appearance, long-lasting use, and nature-friendly. You can easily use Terrazzo marble tiles as both indoor floor and wall cladding and outdoor flooring.

Tureks produces high-quality Terrazzo marble tiles. You can find the most suitable product for your decoration among the wide range of colors and patterns we offer in our Terrazzo series.
Those who are looking for extraordinary housework wall stones, indoor flooring stones should definitely take a look at our tile products. We have explained our two new series, Cement Tiles / Cement Tile and Terrazzo Tiles / Terrazzo Tile, which are explained below.

Cement Tile Collection

Tureks Cement Tiles Collection has seven patterns and five color alternatives for each pattern. You can find tiles in different styles that are suitable for your decoration. You can view all the color options in our collection from this link

Terrazzo tiles in our collection can be applied as floor and wall coverings in every area of the home such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, room, corridor. Outdoors, can be preferred as a floor cladding in the garden and terrace.

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Terrazzo Marble Tile Bathroom Tile Flooring Cement Tile

Tureks Cement Tiles Collection has two options which are plain and patterned Terrazzo tile.

Our Mono Color Series consists of Terrazzo tiles using a single color pigment. There are 16 color options in the Mono color group. Terrazzo tiles are in harmony with the style of the environment in which they are used. Especially when viewed closely, the unique texture of Terrazzo tiles is quite interesting.

Terrazzo Tile Collection

Terrazzo marble tiles, produced in 40×40 cm and 20×20 cm dimensions, have an impressive appearance thanks to the pebbles and marble granules they contain. Since the distribution of these granules changes in each tile, all tiles in the series are unique and have a unique distribution. Nine color options are available in our Terrazzo Tiles Collection.

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Decorative Terrazzo tiles, which you can choose both as indoor floor and wall covering and outdoor flooring, can be placed in various areas of your home such as a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, corridor, terrace, garden.

You can find all our Terrazzo tile models in a wide range of colors here:

Click to view Terrazzo Tile Collection

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and visit our sales offices to check all our products closely.

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