Natural Stone Chevrons

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We recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Mr. John Matthews of Tile Showcase in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts, area. The topic was a natural stone project that he had been deeply involved in and that Tureks through Marble Systems as one of his key vendors, had helped him bring to fruition. Boston is a very sophisticated market in terms of interior design finishes and the clientele of Tile Showcase reflect that level of refinement. We hope that was also our entry point into the team effort that included Natural Stone Chevrons.

As background, Mr. Matthews indicated that the residence was in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and he described the homeowners as “local TV personalities who are very, very busy with career and family.” He added further that “the clients were brought to me by Jill Goldberg of Hudson Interiors in Boston. Jill is well known throughout the greater Boston area for her relaxed and friendly, low-key approach to creating beautiful and comfortable spaces.”

All projects have a rhythm that originates with the background and personalities of the clients. In addition to understanding their clients’ professional lives, the project design team must see that the space reflects their personal lives as well. Mr. Matthews said, “The lifestyle of the family includes a lot of entertaining so they wanted a beautiful home that worked well for gatherings, yet could be functional for the everyday life of an active family.” Also, other design realities needed to be addressed: “The family consists of mom, dad, and two young daughters. So striking a balance between light, soft, and pretty without totally alienating the male side was a bit of a struggle at times.”

natural stone chevrons

All that said, there was some very good news as to the project’s timing and scheduling. “The project was brought to us very early on so there was a good amount of time to plan and provide input.” As well, Tureks and Marble Systems was able to help the design team with one small situation. According to Mr. Matthews, “If I were to cite one challenge it would be that the size of the master bath is fairly large. Despite that, there was not going to be a lot of tile except for the floor, which was roughly 200 sq ft. It had to be special, but not too much and not too understated to help make the result a wow. After many weeks of searching, we landed on the Skyline Chevron with perfect scale, palette, and price point. They love it and so do I.

I think we can end this post right there. We have locations across world. Bring us a project.

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