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Monochromatic Interior Design

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Monochromatic interior design is an interesting concept which has sprung up a lot over the last few years.

The idea is very simple, and basically refers to the act of using only a single colour to decorate a space. However, this is not boring, in fact it is far from being so. The monochromatic tile trend works because it utilises variations of a colour, so, for example, using the colour black, one can get white, grey, dark grey, light grey, a deeper black – it all depends on the shading that is used.

What Makes Monochromatic Colour Tiles Work?

Monochromatic colour tiles are incredibly popular because they provide a nice way to decorate at home without getting too complicated. When you only have one colour in your home, but just many variations of that colour within a single space, you have something which flows quite naturally from one end to the other.

Monochromatic interior design colour tiles have been used to great success in many cases, although the primary colour of choice is often black. Because a single colour is required, black is often considered to be quite an easy, neutral colour. All of the different shades of black, ranging from the deepest, darkest black right the way through to pure white, exists in a very neutral colour scheme.

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How Do You Use Monochromatic Tiles?

Thankfully, using monochromatic tiles is very straightforward. There are plenty of different options to explore, and it’s up to you exactly how you choose to implement them, but the basic idea is very simple. You have different variations of colour in certain places, which means that you can adjust the frequency of light and dark colours to suit the specific needs of the area.

Snow White, Black Honed Yildiz Marble Waterjet Decos


Black, Snow White Honed Chevron Fusion Marble Mosaics


Snow White, Black Honed Mcm Hexagon 8 Marble Mosaics


Let’s proceed under the assumption that you were using Monochromatic interior design colours with black as your base. You could have brighter colour tiles in areas where there was more natural light coming in, and then darker coloured tiles on the floor to create contrast. Alternatively, you could have the monochromatic colour scale go along the floor, so it starts darker and gets progressively lighter as it goes on, in a very nice pattern.

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It’s not difficult to see that there are plenty of different options available, but at the end of the day, it’s all about experimenting. Monochromatic interior design colour schemes exist and work very well, but they do require a certain level of coordination. You have to try and vary the shades of the colour that you use, and make sure that it fits with the area you’re working in.

Final Thoughts

So, a monochromatic colour scheme works really well. It’s easy to see why this is an effective choice, and at the end of the day, you have plenty of different options to pick from. Monochromatic tile trends have existed for a while, simply because they’re easy to work with. You can pick and choose exactly what kind of resources work best for you, and there are many situations where brighter colours would work, but a lot of people do often find that black and its various shades are effective choices because they are subtle, neutral, and easy to pair. Explore the monochrome tiles at Tureks for your interior design or home renovation project. Our expert team is available to assist you from our many locations throughtout the US and Europe and online!