Diana Royal Polished Marble Tiles


Diana Royal Polished Marble Tiles


Diana Royal Polished Marble Tiles


Glacier Honed Marble Tiles


Verona Polished 5/8x1 1/4 Marble Mosaics


Iris Black Cottage Marble Tiles


Diana Royal 3/4 Honed Marble Tiles


Avenza Honed Marble Tiles


Skyline Honed Marble Tiles


Paradise Polished Marble Tiles


Silver Clouds Polished Marble Tiles


Diana Royal Polished Marble Tiles


Skyline Polished Marble Tiles


Diana Royal Polished Slides Marble Mosaics


Diana Royal Textura Marble Pavers

Size:Versailles Patternx3

Skyline, Snow White Honed&polished Chevron Fusion Marble Mosaics


Diana Royal Pave Antico Marble Patterns

Size:Versailles Patternx1,2

Diana Royal Tumbled Marble Tiles


Silver Shadow Honed Marble Tiles


Avalon Polished Marble Tiles


Brand in Marble and Turkish Marble: TUREKS

Marble and minerals shaped by nature over millions of years, meets art. Which has adorned people's homes and buildings for centuries, has become an indispensable decoration product with its processing and transformation into products. Turkey holds a large part of the world's natural stone exports and production. Therefore, Turkish Marble has become a worldwide brand. As Turkey's leading natural stone producer and exporter, Tureks is proud to contribute to this. Today, Tureks is at an important point in its production, which it started in 1982. We process the raw materials from our quarries in Afyonkarahisar, Burdur, Küyahya, Sivas, Balıkesir and transform them into products with high added value and present them to the world as Turkish Stone, Turkish Onyx and Turkish Limestone. We contribute to architectural decorations all over the world with our marble tile and slab productions. We are signing with Turkish Marble by using and its varieties in homes, schools, universities, commercial buildings, shopping centers and government buildings in many countries with more than 450 employees in five continents around the world.

Marble Types

Our country has the richest resources in the world in terms of natural stone quarries. We obtain the world-famous Turkish Marble blocks from the natural stone quarries we have in different regions of Turkey. Varieties are named with different names according to the region and colors they are extracted from.
  • Afyon Sugar
  • Burdur Beige,
  • Isparta Gray,
  • Mugla White,
  • Marmara Island White Dolomite,
  • Uşak White,
  • Alanya Black,
  • Konya Green,
  • Elazig Cherry
The most preferred building material, and it is a unique material that has been used by all civilizations for about 2500 - 3000 years. As we mentioned, in our country, which has the best quality quarries in the world, we can list the regions where the highest quality marbles are extracted as follows;
  • Afyon Quarries
  • Antalya Quarries
  • Amasya Quarries
  • Bilecik Quarries
  • Balıkesir Quarries
  • Burdur Quarries
  • Denizli Quarries
  • Diyarbakir Quarries
  • Elazig Quarries
  • Isparta Quarries

How Much Are The Marble Prices?

Marble prices vary according to the type, color, surface treatment, workmanship and stock status of the marble you want to buy. For this reason, you must first determine the quality of the you want to buy. Then, after the calculation of the area to be applied, the required quantities are calculated and a price offer is presented. In addition, it is necessary to determine the most suitable marble type for the usage area. For example, the product you will use by the pool and the product in the interior decoration may differ in prices. You can contact us to have detailed information about marble prices and types and to give the best answer to your needs.

Name of Marble: Tureks

Tureks has been producing since 1982 in Afyonkarahisar, the capital of marble. We supply our products to many markets such as the USA, the Middle East, America and Europe, with Afyon White, Afyon Sugar, Diana Royal and Muğla varieties in various colors produced in our quarries. We contribute to the economy of our country by giving added value to the we produce. While we are walking confidently towards the future, we hold most of the world's production, contributing to the brand value of our country and we decorate floors, walls, bathrooms and kitchens with the elegance of Turkish Marble with our that we produce in many different types.

How to Calculate Square Meters of Marble?

The weights of marble and travertine are equal on average. The calculation method is as follows; Width * Height. For example: To calculate the square meter of a 30*60*2 cm marble; 0.30 * 0.60 = 0.18 m2• The weight of 1 m2 of 1 cm thick is 26-28 kg. • The weight of 1 m2 of 2 cm thick is 50-55 kg. • The weight of 1 m2 of 3 cm thick is 80-85 kg.

How to Tell the Quality of Marble?

It is evaluated according to the fragility level of the marble, its size and surface.