Kitchen Tiles for the Perfect Kitchens

Kitchen Tiles for the Perfect Kitchens
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Kitchen Tiles for the Perfect Kitchens

One of the indispensable accessories of kitchens is kitchen tiles. Kitchen tiles designed by artists inspired by nature are of critical importance for customers. There is no luxury to make a mistake when choosing new kitchen tiles, from the sink to the kitchen island, from floor tile to wall tile. While kitchen tiles sometimes become the harbinger of a major renovation, sometimes they change the nature of the existing space by adding nobility to the environment with a little make-up. In the context of kitchen tiles, the cooking area can be a large kitchen or a space that can be called a mini, although kitchen tiles play a very strong role in appearance.

In this sense, our collections are designed in a way that gives the person who is in the kitchen an intense inspirational power to develop a cooking style and gives a real chef feeling. Choosing the right tiles, from granite and quartz to polished porcelain and ceramics with a wide range of tiles, will give the air an amazing artistic appearance. Our collection has been carefully designed and produced by the industry’s best kitchen wall or countertop designers, with a highly exclusive tile stock.

What are kitchen tiles made of?

Tile mosaics, porcelain and ceramics are among the most striking ones that are generally preferred for kitchens. In addition to these popular materials, marble, glass, granite and other durable natural stones have always remained popular. One of the trend applications, subway flooring is another preferred material of recent times. Kitchen tile materials preferred as glass tiles or ceramics have advantages and disadvantages in various ways.

The choice of back-counter or countertop tiles or granite countertops has a very strong factor in the design layer for guests. The muted tones of natural stones are the first choice of those who want to emphasize artistic.

Natural stones as the world’s gift to all of us

Natural stones, which have taken place as much as possible in the adventure of humanity, attract attention as the most preferred basic building material. Natural stones used in all architectural structures, from the greatest monuments to buildings, even the smallest houses, are elements with different properties that can adapt to all climates. It is a fact that the most distinctive buildings of Europe are stone structures and they still exist today. With the invention of cement and steel, modern building materials that entered our area of ​​use caused the stone to lose its old usage rate. When compared to cement, stones with delicate structure have a structure that requires a lot of effort in terms of shape and process.

The Taj Mahal, considered one of the most distinguished monuments of the world, constitutes a magnificent natural stone example.

The use of white marble called Makrana Marble draws attention in the construction of the Taj Mahal, which is an iconic structure. Despite its healthy and durable structure, it should be accepted that there is a slowdown in the choice of natural stones as the basic building material. In addition, modern technologies bring natural stone tiles into a trend again with the innovation they bring to stone cutting styles. Natural stone tiles have become an important part of modern architecture as a result of the beauty of waterjet cutting machines and high-modern designers.

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