Inspirational Ideas for Backsplash

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Covering the back of the counter or between the sets is a very beneficial process for your kitchen. The first thing that comes to mind for backsplash is to protect the walls against splashes of oil and water. In addition, these coatings, which you can present as a decorative style in your kitchen, make the environment more elegant with an elegant appearance.

We have compiled inspiring ideas to bring the design touches, which have an important place during the civilization of humanity, into your kitchen. Many stones are used in the coating of kitchen countertops or between sets. The first things that come to mind are marble, travertine, limestone and porcelain. Our collection reflects the eye-catching beauty of different tones by bringing together new and old lines with a wide range of options. The list we have compiled for you includes the presentation of designs with distinctive decorative presentations.

1- Talya Decorative Collection 

Australian Actor Kelly Cuoco, the star of the hit TV drama “Big Bang Theory,” recently renovated his home. Designer Jeff Andrews has caught a stylish look by choosing Talya Marble Collection, one of the popular products of our collection.

2- Irene – Talya Decorative Collection

Talya Collection still attracts great attention from interior designs, people who want to renew their kitchen and other surfaces. This collection makes its debut with the designer portraying a civilization journey. Blending ancient Greek architecture with Ottoman culture, this collective design carries pre-modern Anatolian tunes.

Irene - Talya Decorative Collection


3- Marmara – Talya Decorative Collection 

The Tureks collection, which hosts highly aesthetic waterjet designs, crowns this line with Marmara. This decorative elegance, named after the Marmara Sea, reflects the Marmara, which connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea with eight different color options.

Marmara - Talya Decorative Collection


4- Ivory (Ivory) Travertine Tile 

Travertine, which is a limestone deposited by mineral resources, especially hot springs, generally has a fibrous appearance. Travertines take place in nature with white, skin, cream and even rusty color options. This breeze in nature will give the tiles in your kitchen an attractive earthen look.


 Ivory (Ivory) Travertine Tile


5- Paradise Marble
Paradise Marble Collection, where earth tones are used, reflects a combination of brown, khaki and sand colors with unlimited options.

Paradise Marble


 6- Afyon Sugar Marble 

The Afyon Sugar Marble collection, which is the oldest and most renowned Turkish marble, contains the colors of the earth, while its surface reveals the wonderful thing inherent in stone. Featuring a finely polished tip, this marble collection delivers a delicate blend of color, fashion and style, making it great for floors, walls, countertops and reverse finishes.

Afyon Sugar Marble


7- Aspen White Honed Marble 

Aspen brings the nobility to the kitchen by carrying the classic white. The snow-white view of the cold mountain slopes symbolizes a strong tradition.

Aspen White Honed Marble

8- Boğaziçi Limestone Tile 

Boğaziçi Limestone Tiles brings together the present and ancient rocks, presenting the traditional presentation with current trends. It reflects the classic and powerful look with a fashionable decorative tune with elongated shapes, hexagonal-angled mosaics and versatile elegant mold profiles.

Boğaziçi Limestone Tile


 9- Diana Royal Honed Marble

Bearing a noble name, this collection item reminds unforgettable moments of classic and timeless elements. The Diana Royal product represents nobility and dignity by carrying a luxurious appearance, different sizes and shapes accompanied by first class marble.

Diana Royal Honed Marble


 10- Water Jet Dimensions 

Featuring intricate interlocking mosaic tiles that come together to create a curved geometric pattern, this collection size reflects unique color options. It harbors distinctive rich visual elements from soft whites to striking olive green. With honed, multi or polished surface options


Water Jet Dimensions

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