Calacatta Green Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaics 28,5x29,8
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The Penny Round Mosaic series, which is formed by the arrangement of circular marble pieces, adds elegance to the space with its original forms and patterns. Penny Round Mosaic series marble tiles, named after their coin-like form, are produced from carefully selected marble pieces. Consider this marble collection, if you are looking for a creative alternative to marble tiles for your residential and commercial projects.

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Our new Penny Round Mosaic marble tile series can be used as both wall and floor applications in your architectural projects in various interior and exterior areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, entrances, corridors, terraces and balconies. Our marble series, which you can choose for homes or larger commercial projects, will be a striking element in the environment where it is used with its difference. Penny Round Mosaic marble tile series offers variety with different patterns and textures it offers. Let’s look at the series by category.

Single Color Marble Tile Group

penny round iris black honed marble
Iris Black Penny Stone Mosaic Marble Backsplash Tile Wall Covering in Kitchen

The use of single-color marble creates a soft and classical effect while highlighting the circular form. It creates an original elegance in many areas where it is used such as kitchen, bathroom and living room. Penny Round Mosaic marble collection is ideal for architects who want to create a timeless, simple and minimal atmosphere by using marble products in their residential and commercial projects. Our solid color lineup includes Irish Black, Silver Shadow, Calacatta, Britannia, Snow White, Champagne, Diana Royal and Skyline marble. You can create a striking effect in your decoration with white, beige, gray and black tones.

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Britannia Honed Penny Round Limestone Mosaics 28,5x29,8
Iris Black Penny Stone Mosaic Marble Tile Bathroom Wall Application

Patterned Marble Tile Group

dekoratif mozaik
Penny Stone Mosaic Marble Tile Bathroom Wall Application

If you want to create an atmosphere that is far from ordinary and elegant, you can choose from the patterned marble tiles in our Penny Stone Mosaic series. Our series, which you can use as floor and wall tiles in various areas of your commercial and residential projects such as bathroom, kitchen, entrance and living room, will refresh the environment with its unique patterns.

If you are lost in color alternatives while choosing marble tiles, focus on the effect you want to create in the space. Color combinations with high contrast such as black-white, dark gray-white create a more dramatic and serious effect, while close tones such as beige-white, light gray-white create a softer and more harmonious atmosphere in the environment. You can manage your decoration to create the desired effect by considering the color alternatives when choosing marble tiles.

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You can consider our Penny Stone Mosaic marble tiles to create an original innovation in your architectural, residential and commercial projects. Our marble decorative tile products, which we offer with a single color or patterned selection of special colors, will bring an unconventional effect in your residential and commercial projects. In our marble tile collection, which brings a new perspective to the use of classic marble, you can find the most suitable one for your decoration style among different patterns. The use of Penny Round Mosaic Marble tiles in your architectural projects as a floor or wall covering in bathroom, kitchen, living room, entrance and many other areas will be remarkable. You can view our entire Penny Round Mosaic marble tile series here. You can contact us for more detailed information and visit our showrooms to meet our products.


dekoratif mozaik fiyatları
Decorative Penny Stone Mosaic Marble Tile Application on Living Room Wall


Black & Snow White & Allure Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaics 28,5x29,8
Penny Stone Marble Mosaic Tile Slab on Kitchen and Bathroom wall


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