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Afyon marble is a kind of grey marble that is mined in Turkey. This marble is ideal for excessive usage applications due to its strong durability. It is distinguished by the lighter shades of grey, white, and golden brown that predominate throughout. Both tile and slab options are available with Afyon grey marble.

Afyon gray marble is among the most stunning examples of the grey hue, which has been more popular recently as a marble color choice for significant construction projects across the globe and in our nation, Turkey.

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For our clients searching for marble with a grey background for interior and exterior uses, Afyon grey marble will be a solution. In the event of need, Afyon grey marble is also used to make mosaics, gardening adornment, fences, and kitchen sinks.

Because Afyon marble is a marble variation with a firm structure, it is one of the natural stones that does not need epoxy or gel, and it may be polished and sharpened. Afyon Gray marble is a well-known marble type in the worldwide market owing to its history.

What Are The Properties and Uses of Afyon Grey Marble?

Numerous initiatives employ Afyon grey as the primary flooring because of its uniform structure and natural look. Because it is one of Turkey’s oldest marble choices, it is used in both local and foreign projects. Afyon Gray Marble blocks are extracted from marble quarries in Afyon and adjoining regions, processed in local companies, and delivered to enterprises as slabs and cut-to-size materials. Afyon gray marble, which is often utilized in large-scale flooring projects, gives value to projects in first-class applications. Business centers, hotels, hospitals, and villas employ grey marble in exclusive and boutique projects.

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Afyon marble is used as slabs or tiles in indoor and outdoor construction because it is resilient, easy to shape and polish, and has excellent block efficiency. Clients may select Afyon marble for kitchen worktops, flooring, wall coverings, and garden and pool areas. Furthermore, it is utilized for both ornamentation and sculpturing.

What is The History of Afyon Grey Marble?

Since 2500 years ago, marble has been mined from the marble quarries of Afyon and made available to clients like yourself. We can offer you the most exquisite Afyon marble since our company has a long history of working with marble and traditionally processing it.

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Because of its high aesthetic value and long-lasting nature, marble is extensively used in the fields of art and architecture. Marble was employed in constructing monuments by several Anatolian-based empires, including the Hittites, the Byzantines, the Seljuks, and the Ottomans.

We can see that Anatolia was where the earliest instances of marble art arose. A glorious period for marble may have occurred in particular during the Helen and Roman times. Many of the temples seen across Anatolia make extensive use of marble in their construction. Certainly, the production of marble in Afyon dates back more than 2,000 years, as shown by the region’s about 60+ ancient quarries and constructions.

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